Footloose a Barter Theatre Production

Come see "Footloose" in a way you've never seen it before: as a live musical!

Dean Pitchford, the mind behind the storyline of "Footloose," also developed the idea of turning his infamous movie into a musical with the help of Walter Bobby.

Now, the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA has decided to perform the musical for audiences from May 19-Aug. 12.

While this isn't the first time the musical has ever been performed, it is the first time being performed in such a well-known theater as Barter's.

Balcony-level tickets are $42-$52, and Orchestra-level tickets are as low as $20!

THAT'S RIGHT! There are tickets as low as $20!
So visit the Barter Theatre this May-August to watch a timeless classic turned into a wonderful musical, including all of your favorite songs from the movie.


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