Who Am I? Tyler LaFord

Let's Take a Journey

  • Before H.2.L
  • CIS Results
  • Future Careers
  • Education Needed
  • Schooling options
  • Future Workplace

Before High School 2 Life


  • Finish High school, Get a second job
  • Get a car
  • Attend CSI in the fall


  • Graduate, get a second job
  • Attend CSI


  • Open to all furure possibilities
  • Already have a job
  • Basic knife skills
  • Food Service Training

CIS Results

Highest Interest Profiler Results

Investigative: 12 - Enjoy mentally stimulating work. Likes to search for facts or figure out problems mentally.

Artistic: 10 - Like self-expression in work. Prefer settings where work can be done without following a clear set of rules.

Social: 7 - Like to teach, to give advice, to help, or otherwise be of service to people.

IDEAS Survey Results

Areas of High Interest: - Science, Culinary arts

Areas of Low Interest - Protective Services, Mathematics, Writing, Sales, Office Work

Career Cluster Survey Top Results

Hospitality and Tourism - 11

Education and Training - 10

Health Science - 10

Human Services - 10


Achievement: 30

Support Score: 22

Recognition Score: 20

Relationships Score: 18

Working Conditions Score: 15

Independence Score: 10

Possible Careers

Career Choice: Chef/Baker

Education Required: None, AAS. Culinary Arts, AAS. Baking/Pastry.

College of Choice

CSI (College of Southern Idaho)

Education Cost: $1,610 Per semester (12 credits)

Program: Culinary Arts Degree

Future Work

Possible Companies: - Johnny Carrino's, Sizzler, TGI Fridays, Dairy Queen

Post Education: Anywhere that serves food


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