David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Voi

The reason we weren't mingling with the orphans is that many wild elephants show up to partake of the available water.
Practicing for the future!
Inside and outside. Amazes me to see how differently they are colored.
Listening to your elders is always important!
Time for milk... again!
This boy was hit by a truck. He is here to recover and will be released after some healing. He is in a separate enclosure since he is wild.
And so handsome!
Back in the stockades.
And outside the stockades again
Voi also has a few other residents that were orphaned too young to survive on their own. There are two young eland......
Living with the elands is this young Cape buffalo., who you can see is shy and loves his keeper.
And a zebra. He is old enough to be released but the others rely on him so they will wait until the others are ready to go. He is quite protective of his young charges.
If you give him a scratch he 'smiles'.
And will bite if you're not careful.

I may have mixed in a few from Ithumba. Hard to remember where one ends and the other begins.

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Nancy Lewis

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