Lionel Messi A Renaissance Man by Ethan Theoharopoulos

Who knew that one of the best soccer players had a not so great childhood, Lionel Messi’s childhood. Lionel Messi was born June 24, 1987. Messi had some trouble growing up because he had a hormonal growth issue. Therefore he needed medical treatment, which didn’t make his life as good as he wanted it to be, plus it blocked him from doing any sports as a kid. He was born in Rosario, Argentina. His Father’s name was Jorge Horácio Messi and his mother’s name was Celia María Cuccittini. His family then moved to Spain later on. Lionel Messi did have some troubles growing up.

Messi as a kid,teenager and an adult

Messi has had some great success, Messi has some great achievements in his life. Messi made more than 232 goals in 2012 beating Cesar Rodriguez record! When he moved to Spain he faced a trial for FC Barcelona which is a professional fútbol team and was accepted to it. Therefore, Winning the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 best player in the world award. Speaking of awards, Messi won three UEFA champions leagues, two UEFA Super Cups and two World Cups. He still holds the Guinness World Records title for scoring the most goals in one year, 91 goals in 2012! Overall, Messi made some great accomplishments in his Fútbol career.

One of Lionel's quotes

Messi is a very good soccer player, but everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. He plays forward for FC Barcelona. He is very good with the ball and is quick and incisive, a good runner with the ball said by ESPN/ Some of his strengths were, that his ball handling skills are second to none, His balance when running is truly amazing. On the other hand, some of his weaknesses are that, he tries to search for ways to finish the move by himself without looking for teammates in a better position to shoot a goal. Although, Messi is still a great soccer player and a true renaissance man.

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Lionel Messi

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