About DxOMark The reference source for Image Quality

For over a decade, DxOMark has been the leading independent source of image quality testing of cameras, lenses, and mobile devices. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, DxOMark provides un-biased and reproducible results based on an extensive set of both lab and natural scene test images captured with each device.

Our labs and test tools are state of the art

From literally tens of thousands of detailed measurements using DxO's own industry-leading Analyzer software and lab environment, DxOMark summarizes device image quality into an easy-to-understand set of sub-scores, which tie directly to specific customer needs. A 1 to 100 overall score (1 to 50 for lenses?) is also provided as a quick comparison tool.

All lab tests are performed in state-of-the-art labs featuring closed-loop automated lighting control, custom-designed shake tables and shutter timing analyzers, and specially-trained technicians using our Analyzer software.

Image quality is our only business

At DxOMark, we specialize in evaluating image quality. Period. We don't provide field testing (other than our extensive set of indoor and outdoor test images) or hands-on reviews of devices in everyday use. We do provide our image quality test results to dozens of publications and hundreds of websites to use as part of their overall evaluation of cameras, lenses, and phones. Of course, that same information is also available directly to visitors on our DxOMark.com website.

As part of DxO, we benefit from a long history of image quality excellence

DxOMark is part of DxO Labs, an industry leader in image processing including its revolutionary DxO ONE camera, award-winning photography software OpticsPro and FilmPack, as well as Analyzer, its professional image quality measurement software and hardware solution.

Using DxOMark results on your site or in your publication

DxOMark site content can be reproduced for professional use, limited as defined by the DxOMark Conditions of Use (“Fair Use”). [LINK TO FAIR USE]

Partnering with DxOMark

DxOMark is always looking for opportunities to partner with the media, including print publications, specialized websites, and blogs. If your website or publication is relevant to the world of digital photography, mobile devices, or imagery, and you would specifically like to publish DxOMark data, please contact us [ADD LINK].

DxOMark's labs are fully calibrated and professionally staffed

DxOMark is uniquely positioned as a reliable source of image quality results because it is:

  • Independent: DxOMark is an independent lab, not sponsored by any photo equipment vendor.
  • Objective: All test protocols are designed independently of the specific product being tested, and are used in the same way across all tested devices in each category.
  • Credible: DxOMark has been the preferred source of image quality results for the industry, including the tech and photo press, for many years. DxOMark's committment is to never be influenced by the industry or the press.
  • Transparent: Press partners have access to the detailed protocol description and test data. Those with appropriate lab facilities are able to reproduce those results.
  • Reliable: No one outside DxO itself has access to the scoring system, which prevents vendors from gaming the results as can be the case with many other benchmarks.
Press around the world rely on DxOMark for un-biased, accurate results

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