Journey Log 10 Jared Gentry

Jared Gentry

April 17 2017

Journey Log 10


This week was definitely one of the busiest so far this semester. My group's part of the minecraft manual was due Tuesday and I needed to start on the visual rhetorical analysis and raid 7, so very good flexibility was needed. Considering we were the first group of the technical manual, we had to use the habit responsibility a lot to ensure that we got everything done by Tuesday so that the next group could begin thinking of ideas on how to finish the manual. I really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of this raid and feel like it went very smoothly because of how our leader organized roles.

After my group was finished with our part of the manual, I now had to begin thinking of ideas for raid 7. I knew I wanted to do a song instead of a minecraft structure because I found it more appealing and believed I would be more passionate and put more work into lyrics. I decided to write a song about the white house and its involvement throughout the history of racial oppression. After listening to many politically conscious songs from an African-American's point of view on slavery, segregation, etc. I wanted to take a sort of guilty approach and discuss the ways my own race has mistreated another. Curiosity was a big habit of mind used because I have always wanted to take an approach like this in a song and I believe that my eagerness made completing the raid much easier.

Bard creative piece

Comfort zone

It wasn't even 5 minutes into class when Chris told us that we would be playing a card game a majority of the class. He told us to think about it like cards against humanity, but where you write your own answers to the questions that the card zar asks. This immediately made my head hurt. oh shit. And trying not to seem like a weird kid with absurd thoughts with answer choices was hard enough. Now I have to write my own? And the first round began. we were all supposed to write something that you do not see on TV. the possibilities were endless. Somewhere between too sexual, too descriptive, and too weird, I wrote "King Kong's long Schlong". I was really hoping the zar had a similar sense of humor, and that everyone else took the same approach as me. After reading off several penis jokes, the card far declared the winner. While it wasn't me, this allowed me to get a good feel of the desired answer choices among the table and allowed me to rack up 3 cards by the end of the game. It was good to know that I'm not the only one always ready to make sexual, crippled, and Jew jokes. We are all terrible people.


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