Egg Drop NOAH suwyn, Emiliano Fumero , mariano Jimenez , hannah eHrenpreis

We crushed the egg by putting weight on it. A box was used, the egg was put at the corner for more support. It took 1600 grams of weight on top of it for it to break. We used the formula for force. In which, force is equal to mass times acceleration. We know the mass of the weights are 1600 grams. Then the grams are converted into kilograms, which is 1.6 kg; our acceleration is equal to gravity, so it is 9.8. Overall we have our mass and acceleration so we can solve by using the force formula. We multiplied the acceleration times mass and we get 15.68 newtons. the mass of the egg is 0.671 kilograms.

The force its deliver to the cart by the wall is 63 Newtons. We can test this because we used force detector at the end of the ramp while recording it. The force will be greater with the egg in the car because it adds weight. If you add mass the force will change depending on the weight that is added. The change in momentum will change the initial momentum and that will make a greater impact.

We can reduce the force by having a collision that takes a longer time; this is based on the impulse formula. Also, the collision should occur at a lower velocity for the egg to survive an impact, based on the momentum formula because if we lose our momentum slowly, you will feel less force exerted on you.

First we putted a balloon at the front of the car. We attached it by using clay. If you loose momentum quickly you will feel a lot of force, but if you loose momentum slowly you will fell less force. That is why we used a balloon and clay. It should reduce the impact by making the impact spread throughout the car.

Also, we put our egg in a box full of cotton, clay, a roll of tape, and styrofoam balls to soak as much impact as possible. We placed the ball in the middle of the roll of tape that is placed in the middle of the cardboard box.

Force of the egg: 11.3 Newtons

Impulse of the car: 0.19

Change in momentum: 0.19

Change in time:0.0168141593

Velocity: 0.38

Our egg survived the impact because we try to make last more, add more time by adding cotton, so the impact was reduced. So, we added several materials to our car like cotton and clay. We could have made the cardboard box close at first and taped the balloon instead of using clay to stick it to the car because it would have made it lighter. Therefore, the momentum would decrease. Also, we could have made a cart with a smaller mass, so it would have had more velocity. Concluding the change in momentum would have decrease.


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