Collectibles My favorite collectibles

Love of collectibles by Celia Morse

I love collecting porcelain bears

I found this on line, love collectibles

Found these on a website that shows my interest

Very cute one one of my favorite one

Created By
Celia Morse


Created with images by in pastel - "my cherish bear collectibles" • in pastel - "my cherish bear collectibles" • martie1swart - "Teddybear Collection" • erix! - "smart bear" • Skakerman - "IMGP5482.jpg" • Co_Sch - "teddy cute bear" • Khirol Amir - "Birthday Bear" • dno1967b - "untitled image" • ~Pawsitive~Candie_N - "Sometimes.... 3/25/10 (84/365)" • 821292 - "figure osa the bears of windsor" • coolinsights - "Korea - Teddy Bear Museum and Glass Castle" • Co_Sch - "teddy cute bear" • allison.johnston - "im up to 15 now" • dno1967b - "untitled image" • CREEPETZ - "amigurumi valentine teddy bears" • thethreesisters - "Blue teddy bear" • Jessie.yang - "My Teddy Bear" • __MaRiNa__ - "Standing out from the crowd"

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