Welcome to Adobe Consulting! ONBOARDING CHECKLIST - Updated On: 03/16/2020

Install VIP Access application on Mobile phone

  • VIP Access can only be installed on Mobile devices (iOS, Android or Windows). It’s available in Play Store, App Store & Windows Store.
  • Once installed, launch the VIP Access application on your device & share the Credential ID & 2 consecutive security codes from the VIP Access application, with the Adobe Service Desk (numbers listed below). The Adobe Service Desk is provided with the access to configure it for your profile using https://iam.corp.adobe.com.
  • VPN Access: Please follow the steps to install VPN client.

Installing VPN AnyConnect

  • Go to https://asa-sanjose.adobe.com/ADOBEOTP and login using your AdobeNet ID (LDAP) and PIN + OTP(6 digit code from VIP access) as set up in previous step.
  • Follow instructions on the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Download page to download, install AnyConnect.
  • To launch and create a VPN connection with AnyConnect:
  1. Launch AnyConnect VPN Client
  2. Enter the address: asa-sanjose-ext.adobe.com and Click Connect. In case it asks for a group, it will be extranet.
  3. Enter your ADOBENET login ID and PIN + OTP(6 digit code from VIP access)
  4. Click Accept on the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client dialog.
  5. You are connected when you see the AnyConnect con in your System Tray.

Accessing your Adobe email

Navigate and login to Outlook 365 - https://outlook.office.com using your Adobe Email and ADOBENET Password provided in your Welcome to Adobe Consulting email.

Change your ADOBENET password

  • Launch the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client & connect to VPN using your PIN+OTP credentials.
  • Navigate and login to https://amp.corp.adobe.com using your PIN+OTP credentials.
  • Click on ADOBENET/SAP under “change passwords” menu
  • Enter your new password & submit.

Your ADOBENET Credentials

Your ADOBENET credentials will be automatically renewed as long as you are actively billing on projects. You will get emails letting you know your account needs to be renewed. You can disregard these. If you have questions, please reach out to your RMO contact (listed below)

Change your SSO/OTP PIN

PSA – (Professional Services Automation)

The PSA application is a software tool provided by FinancialForce on the Force.com platform. This tool automates the processes that enable the Professional Services Organization to effectively manage its project portfolio in regards to resource & demand management, project management, time & expense management, revenue forecasting, and billing & invoicing.

  • Link to PSA please bookmark! https://adobe.my.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp
  • You will need your credentials that were provided in your Welcome to Adobe email, User ID (LDAP) and ADOBENET password, to log in to PSA.
  • You will need to complete 1 of 2 learning paths on your own time - depending if you will be a project owner/manager or project contributor.
  • Most likely, you will access these trainings through the Solution Partner Portal using your e-mail address from your firm (e.g. name@xyzconsulting.com).
  • Step 1: Join the Solution Partner Program
  • Step 2: Enroll & Complete PSA Training
  • If your firm is not registered in the program, you will need to access the training directly through Digital U using your Adobe email and password that you have set up.
  • Digital U Training for Consultants: Consultant PSA Training
  • Digital U Training for Project Managers: Project Manager PSA Training
  • The PSA Resources Wiki - contains the latest reference documentation on the PSA system. Access the User Manual for step by step instructions; use the reporting hub for details on reports that are available; or use the quick links to access recent communications from the project team.

Important Information to know about your assignments

  • You will receive an assignment notification with project details at your Adobe email.
  • DO NOT begin work on a project until you have a project assignment where you can log your time. Only the RMO (contact below) can make an exception to this rule.
  • Make sure you know who the Adobe project manager is for your project.
  • Be aware that all timecards are due each Friday by end of day.
  • Follow Adobe expense submission guidelines and make sure to get client email approval prior to traveling.
  • For additional project questions please contact the project manager on your project or the RMO contact for your region (listed below)

Blue-Jeans (Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing tool)

Follow this link to download Blue Jean

Download Slack (Instant messaging platform)

Follow link to Download Slack

Follow link  to know and join a Slack Workspace

Leave Policy

Please adhere to Adobe's leave policy, for detailed policy please get in touch with respective RMO (listed below).

Adobe IT Service Desk Contact Info

  • North America: (408)536-4357 or (800)866-8006, extension 6-HELP (64357), Sunday 6:00 PM to Friday 6:00 PM (PT), Sunday 9:00 PM to Friday 9:00 PM (ET)
  • Japan: +81(3)5740-1249, Monday 1:00 AM to Saturday 1:00 AM (GMT)
  • EMEA: +353 (1) 242 6767, Monday 1:00 AM to Saturday 1:00 AM (GMT)*, Monday 2:00 AM to Saturday 2:00 AM (CET)
  • India: +91 (120) 6137500 or 1800 208 9444, Monday 6:30 AM to Friday 6:30 PM (IST)
  • Asia Pacific: https://inside.corp.adobe.com/gws/office-directory.html#japac, Monday 1:00 AM to Saturday 1:00 AM (GMT)

RMO Contacts

If you need help on project assignments or timecards, reach out to your RMO contact below

North America

Commercial - frampton@adobe.com

Adobe Federal - ckawaguc@adobe.com


Project & Revenue Office Grp-EMEA-PRO@adobe.com




GDC North America – Hassain Khan (haskhan@adobe.com) & Sesha Suraj Siram (siram@adobe.com)

GDC APAC – Sindhu Duggappa(duggappa@adobe.com) & Srikanth (sriv@adobe.com)

GDC EMEA – Srikanth (sriv@adobe.com) & Riju Thomas (rithomas@adobe.com)

GDC Escalation RMO Manager – Anuradha Sriram (asriram@adobe.com)

For Revenue and Professional Services Operational Services - psatier1@adobe.com