Alex Dailey Stevens Institute of Technology Class of 2020

Dear Mr. Naples,

My name is Alex Dailey, and I would like to introduce myself as a college student with the dream of having a career in Major League Baseball. The game of baseball has been a part of my life since I was 5 years old, and it has shaped me into the person I am today. Baseball is my passion, love, and life, and it drives everything I do, which is why I plan on being involved in baseball throughout the rest of my life.

I am currently a sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. I am majoring in Business Management and am a member of the Varsity Baseball team, a nationally ranked D3 program. I finished my first year with a 3.52 GPA and plan on receiving a Master’s degree within 5 years through Stevens’ 4+1 Master’s Program.

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Since I was 13 years old, I’ve had aspirations of having a career in Major League Baseball. Baseball is by far and away my healthy obsession, as I read numerous articles every day, whether they be from SportsOnEarth, ESPN or MLBTradeRumors. The only live “TV show” I watch is anything on MLB Network, and I take pride in educating myself on every part of the game and industry as I possibly can. My favorite thing in the world is to talk about baseball with people who share my passion for the game, and I am committed to working as hard as humanely possible to build a career in the industry, whether that be as a scout, farm director, front office analyst, or ultimately the GM or President of an organization. I am intrigued by both the baseball and operational facets of the sport, as issues regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement are just as interesting to me as measuring the value of a player based on advanced stats such as FIP and RA-9 WAR.

Mr. , I will accept any internship position, paid or unpaid, in order to gain the initial experience needed to create a brand for myself in the baseball industry. I am committed to doing whatever is necessary to obtain and sustain a career for a Major League organization, as I know my passion, knowledge, and honest drive to improve my knowledge of the game will be an asset to any organization. I can promise you that you won’t regret taking a chance on me. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I look forward to speaking with you in the future.


Alexander (“Alex”) M. Dailey

mobile: (916) 832-4404

email: alexander.dailey98@gmail.com

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