Racing in the Rain BY: tyson dodds

" he is a race car driver at heart". (Pg. 278)

It's meaningful because it's saying u might be good at something and u just don't know or u have always grown up to be good at the activity maybe.

" practice, practice,practice ,practice"( pg. 63)

That if u want to succeed in something u want to do u have to practice a lot at that.

" protect me. Don't let it happen tonight. Enzo, please. Your the only one who can help." (Pg. 107)

The meaning to me is that there is always one person in your life that u can go to when u are down and that u love

" sometimes I hate what I am so much" ( pg.83)

The meaning is that sometime u might not like who you are sometimes

" know who is driving next to you"( pg.75)

The meaning is someone will always be there for u in life through the struggles and good times

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