Should the NZ flag have been changed ? By aimee hendren

Positives to change the flag

There are countless times where New Zealand's flag has been mixed up with the Australians. We are very well known for the silver fern which we fly at many rugby games, other sports and on our national sports uniforms. We need a flag that can represent us for who we are as a country now not what we were 10 years ago.

Negatives to change the flag

Many men and women sacrificed their personal lives to provide a better future for the rest of us at home. Fighting under the current New Zealand flag. Some say their is no purpose for a change, our people fought for our country and flag which to me is a very important aspect to consider.

People involved

Every New Zealand citizen were involved with this issue. Their votes were counted to help decide what flag we will be recognised as a country. John key and parliament had a lot to do with bringing up the conversation and pushed to have a new flag.

How the issue was caused

In 2015 john key bought up a very controversial topic which got the whole country discussing wether or not they wanted a change. Some people came to protest their opinion at the beehive which caused some security issues. Some say we can't not have the Union Jack because we will ldjchclin from the common wealth but other countries had very similar flags as ours but changed so it can represent them as a country and not the common wealth.

Importance of issue

Left picture: A familiar flag mix up led to Australia's flag being displayed instead of new Zealand's and the Right picture: thinking it was the new Zealand flag John Key poses in front of cameras while holding the Australian flag.

It's very important that New Zealanders took the time and effort to think about the issue, as it would effect our country with or without the change. Mixed opinions made it hard and more important to sit down and think before saying yes or no.

"I think the thing with the flag is that it is a very emotional issue for a variety of reasons," ~Mr Key~

Issue solutions

There were other ways to approach this question rather than having a straight answer, people needed to consider their kids future or their country's future. It would determine who we are and represent us for future generations.

One option to consider may of been to get our younger generations opinion on the whole issue because after all they are the ones who are going to be known and represented by the new flag. Although the older generation might of liked one flag they won't be alive in the next 50 years but the younger generation and their kids will still be here and need a flag that will represent them not the 20th century flag.

John key could spend the money on other problems like child poverty which deserves better care than it is getting at the moment. Instead of using it on some issue he's just bought up a few months ago he should spend the 26 million dollars on some other issue that can help us in the long run. An issue like child poverty would be a great way to spend the money some kids dont get a chance to go to school or if they do they are starving because their parents can only afford enough for the school, they deserve better. It's important we help and educate the poor children because if they are not educated, when the adults are gone they have to work and make a living for themselves and they won't be able to find a job without any skills which they could of learnt if they had an education.


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