Cancer: Will it ever be cured? By Mason Bauer

Can cancer truly be cured?

cancer cures are far off, but are still a possibility. In order to cure cancer, however, we will need to alter our genetic codes so we don't produce cancer cells; in essence stating we need to make our cells make exact perfect copies. There is another way, however, by making out immune system to be able to fight off the cancer instead of identifying it as harmless, but scientists still haven't figured that out yet.

White blood cells, part of out immune system

Why is finding a cure taking so long?

There's so many different types of cancer and different versions that it's nearly impossible to cure all of them, or at least find a cure for most of them. Since cancer can spread easily as well, it would be hard to contain them especially if it spreads through the blood stream or through lymph nodes and spread to other parts of the body.

The Cell Cycle and How it Affects Cancer

The cell cycle consists of 4 stages: Pro-phase, Meta phase, Anophase, and Telophase, and the cell splits into two cells. How cancer fits into this is the DNA is copied wrong and the cell that is made is not a perfect copy of the cell before it, and it becomes out of control. The new cell, refered to as a cancer cell, divides rapidly and doesn't get killed off by the immune system. This cell keeps on going until stopped by radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy.

How long will the cure take?

The cure for cancer most likely won't be available for a while, although there is a lot of money, time, and effort going into curing it. We will never truly know until we cure it but a lot of materials are going into the process.


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