Pentathlon Claire Newman

Definition: The Pentathlon is a combination of the games, discus throwing, the long jump, javelin throwing, running and wrestling. Today in consists of the games, fencing, shooting, swimming, riding, and cross country running.


Discus Throwing: Their will be a circle that the competitor must stand in at all times. The competitors will have three throws and each throw will be measured in distance, from the closest inner edge of the circle to where the discus hit the ground.

Long Jump: The competitor will run and jump forward toward a sand pit. The competitor will use halters to help them be propelled and to help them keep balance when they land. The competitor must land in a standing pose. The competitor can make five jumps with each one starting when the last one finished.

Javelin Throwing: The competitor will have a short running start and then they will throw a wooden javelin that was as long as a man is tall. The throw will be measured in distance.

Running: The competitors started at a line and then they ran across a track made of sand.

Wrestling: The objective is to throw the opponent to the ground from a standing position. A fall is scored when the opponent's back or shoulders touched the ground. Holds are restricted to the upper body.

Interesting Fact: In anchient Greece when people did the long jump, they used halters which are stone comma shaped weights that help to propel one further as they jump.

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