The Inspiration for Jaws by Dominick zea

In 1916- on the New Jersey-residents were in a panic over real life shark attacks. These attacks led to the making of the movie jaws. The were 2 deaths followed by 2 more. Lifeguards and park rangers should have put up notices along the beaches. A 12 year old boy near the shore was killed by a 10 foot shark that weighed 300 pounds. A man named Watson Stanley fisher tried to save the boy, he was attacked and was pulled under the water 4 times and finally broke free. 30 minutes later another teenager was attacked but was saved by his friends. 2 days later a shark was caught by a fisherman and inside the shark was 15 pounds of human flesh and bones. These New Jersey shark attacks were used to create the book "jaws" in 1974 and one year later it was made into a movie.

The mechanical shark, there were 3 of them all named Bruce. The name Bruce was chosen after Steven Spielberg's lawyer Bruce Ramar. "Bruce" was 23 feet long and it came 100 meters off the shore of Martha's Vineyard in Mass.

A Great White
The Great White can have 50 Teeth in 3 rows.
This is "Bruce", named after Stephen Spielberg's attorney named Bruce Ramar

sources:, Daily

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Dominick Zea


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