Celebrating 150 Years in Canada... From: Sahil Chand

Diversity In Canada...

One of the reasons why Canada is where it's at, is because of the diversity in Cultures, Traditions and Religions. Diversity in Canada has created many opportunities for people to get together and to take over racism. As Canada was originally inhabited by aboriginals, the French and British came over in the 17th Century. During the 18th -19th Century time period, United Empire Loyalists came over as well during the civil war (Evans 1). As we interact with many foreign people, Canada has a ratio of 1 to 5 people being foreign. That's 20% of our total population being immigrants. Diversity in Canada involves languages as well. 23.8% of Canada reports to being English as our mother tongue. 3.4% reports of being French and other languages from the Chinese, Spanish and Punjabi as Asia is Canada's #1 place of immigration (Chui 1).

Diversity in Canada is a very key aspect to our country. I think it is very important because we all work together and help build the country to better opportunities. As we see more foreign cultures and foreign people, we get to learn and experience different traditions and get to see how we all have similarities and differences. Therefore, Diversity is one huge aspect that helps us get through the day in Canada.


As a country wouldn't be the same without the rules and rights, Canada has the most equal and fair rights. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom confirms the rights and freedom for a free democratic society. These rights were passed in 1982. Some other Canadians rights that were passed were the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1960 and the Canadian Human Rights passed in 1977. Some rights that fall under these sections are. . .

  • freedom of religion, of thought, of expression
  • right to participate
  • freedom to move around
  • legal rights (security)
  • equality rights
  • language rights

. . . to name a few (Constitution Act, 1982).

I think that the Canadian Rights help this country be the way it is because it keeps everything in everyone's favour. I think that we can go to the grocery store or go to the mall because of the rights that we have in Canada. The everyday things that we do and take for granted are available because of the rights we have today.


The worldwide game that we all love was invented by a Canadian inventor by the name of Dr. James Naismith. He was born in Almonte, Ontario. He teaches Psychology, Bible Study and taught Physical Education. At the very beginning of Basketball, this game only had 13 rules (The sport's inventor, James Naismith of Almonte, Ontario, instructs players in one of the first experimental games). The very first game was played with a soccer ball and 2 peach baskets nailed about 10 feet high. As Basketball first originated in Springfield, Massachusetts (also known as Spring Field College), Basketball appeared in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany (Basketball History: Origin of the Sport).

The game of Basketball is important because it's a worldwide famous sport. As kids learn to pick up the ball and shoot there first basket, they begin to grow a passion for it and that's why many kids across the world love this game. Basketball should be celebrated because of how it can change a person's life. You can go from being dirty poor to become rich with your talents as the NBA can help you succeed.


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