Our School Teacher Ancestor A short report by Owen Greenhalgh, The Genealogy Kids

One day Mom assigned Owen a little homework. She asked him to read a short life sketch of one of their ancestors, Andrew Losee. Then she asked Owen to write a short report of the interesting facts he learned about Andrew. For fun, Owen dressed up like Andrew for a look-a-like photo-shoot. Here's the report:

Hi. My name is Owen. I’m 9 years old. Let me tell you about my ancestor, Andrew. I learned about him by reading some of his stories:

  • He went to Lehi High School (sometimes we drive by that school!)
  • He liked physical science, math, history, psychology and was really good at school (I like school, too.)
  • He was the valedictorian of his graduating class (that means he was really smart.)
  • He went to the University of Utah.
  • He also went to the University of Chicago.
  • He became a teacher.
  • He taught at lots of schools in Utah and Idaho. He loved teaching.
  • After his wife became sick and died, leaving him with two small children, Andrew gave up teaching to move home to the farm and have the help of his family.

I think it’s sad that he had to give up teaching to go back to the farm. But it’s cool that he helped his boys. I think Andrew was awesome.


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