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Bienvenidos lector(es)!

Acá pueden encontrar mis historias sobre mi cuatrimestre en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Si me conoces, ya sabes que este blog sería hecho con poca frecuencia...y así es como ¡empezamos!

Welcome reader(s)!

Here is where you can find my stories about my semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you know me, you already know that this blog will be infrequently updates...and that's how we'll start things off!

Este primero post es cortito, pero les dejo con una ventanita a como empiezo mis días acá...

This first post is short, but I will leave y'all with a little window into how I start my days here...

me copa bien buenos aires...

(really rough translation - I really like Buenos Aires)

So I really have been wanting to blog, because the more time I go without blogging, the more things I have to tell you all!

So here 's a compromise: I'm just gonna flood this with the random pictures I've taken to give you all some snapshots of what's been going on the past two months!

Going to art shows in castle-like houses

the same castle-like house where my amazing host displays her art.

serving as the paparazzi for a few friends from the program at the Ecological Reserve

the Ecological Reserve on a cloudy day...not bad, eh?

actually been enjoying the street music here...the only problem is I want to give all my money to them

Watching old men playing chess in the park when all I want to be is an old man playing chess in the park.

Misc. Buenos Aires photos

So we went to Córdoba this past weekend

The flight left at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Something you should know about the culture in Buenos Aires and Argentina is that when one goes out at "night" it is really going out in the morning. I'm talking about leaving the house around 2 AM and getting back at 6, 7 or even 8 AM.

Long story made short, I did not sleep before getting on the 6 AM flight, so that's always a good start.

Despite the sleep deprivation, the weekend was quite enjoyable, although Saturday was a bit eerie.

The weather was raining and we started of the morning in Córdoba visiting an old bodega (wine cellar), which was really interesting, but 9:30 AM is not my usual time to be tasting wine.

From the wine tasting, we visited a few different Jesuit Estancias. They were very interesting historic XVII Century sites and amazingly preserved (pictures not allowed). But lets just say after the third Jesuit Block I was ready to see a other parts of the province of Córdoba.

I think the best parts of the trip were getting to bond with the group.

And chatting with the man pictured, Claudio, the director of the program. Here he's caught in the act of a very Argentinian (and also Uruguayan and Paraguayan) act: drinking mate

The other highlight of the trip was the final day. It was the only sunny day and we went for a beautiful hike.

I don't take many photos, but when I do I force people to smile uncomfortably.

We picnicked by a waterfall so naturally I went for a swim despite the hypothermic temperature level.

Misc. photos from Córdoba

This is the Casa Rosada

Yes, the Argentinian White House, but a Pink House.

this is inside the Casa Rosada, since I was invited in as an exclusive guest

That last bit is not a complete lie. I joined the Politics Club at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (where I take classes) and the leader of the club has a friend who works for the Ministry of the Interior, so we were able to enter and get a peak inside.

Misc. Photos from the Casa Rosada

Here's a photo of me and Bella, one of the two house-cats. Just so you know I get plenty of kitty time in Buenos Aires as well

Oh, and that Mate drink I told you about...

I'm really loving it.

gee, there is still so many things I have yet to share with you all (and by all I mean mom, aunt ruth, and grandmama).

here's some bullet points of fun facts from Oli's past two months:

  • "Oli" is my nickname here and I love it
  • I joined a volleyball team and I'm really bad but I enjoy it
  • I started an internship with the Luisa Hairabedian Foundation (Fundación Lusia Hairabedian)
  • For the Middlebury program, we are supposed to investigate and write about something specific to Argentina that interests us. I'm writing about Contemporary Argentinian Feminist Art and started with Grete Stern and her photo montage "Sueños" (Dreams) which I highly recommend you take a gander at
  • I love learning the slang from each country. I still love my chilean, "poh," but am highly enjoying incorporating a new, porteño dialect
  • They really know how to protest here. If I have time I want to dedicate a full post to this topic, but for know you can read this and see the pictures below.
Various photos collected from different protests, including March 8th - International Women's Day, March 24th - Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice (commemorating the victims of the dictatorship)

Buenos Aires is a huge city and I still have a lot left to see. I will try to keep you updated as I can, but as you already see, time is flying by and I want to be out seeing the city rather than behind the computer.

Well, I hope some of the above made sense and that there weren't too many spelling errors!

Besos y abrazos, Oli

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