AIDs Epidemic in Africa The worst diSaster of the 2000's

HIV originated near Kinshasa in the Domocratic Republic of the Congo around the year 1920. It came form Chimpanzees and then it crossed over to humans. It then spread throughout Africa and the world and became a major killer especially in Africa.

AIDs attacks the victims imunne system. It is passed through sexual contact, pregnancy, and child birth.

Before 1999 more than 14 million people had died since the beginning of the epidemic.

Combating the AIDs epidemic in Africa started majorly in the early 2000's. Although the AIDs epidemic was killing many and a major problem in Africa it was stigmatized because it was viewed as being connected only to homosexuals and drug addicts so it did not receive as much worldwide support.

As the world finally realized that AIDs was a major problem in Africa the problem received more funding and support. In 2004 global funding had reached 6.1 billion dollars and many sub-Saharan countries were effectively treating the desiese.

Today AIDs still affects a large community especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2015 1.1 million people died from AIDs world wide.

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