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Digital Disruption

For this task we had to create a commercial on digital disruption. Jacob and Daniel chose to do the commercial on the good and bad side of digital disruption.

This image shows Jacob and Daniel researching on Digital Disruption

How to make a Tv

Putting all the pieces together

This task Orlarne and Casey did was to create a Tv with all the parts included. When in the researching stage we made sure to find out what heavy mineral sands are used in a Tv and what a Tv consists of. We enjoyed this task and it was really cool to find out what a Tv is made of. The things we have included in our TV are:

  • Description of each part of the tv
  • What the heavy mineral sands are used for in the TV
  • crystal and atom structure of materials
  • An image of the material for example gold and zircon.
  • Radiation produced from a TV
This was the image we used to guide us when constructing the TV

Limestone cave formations due to Cretaceous weather patterns

This is the table of changes and alterations.
This was the set-up for the investigation

Beach to the boardroom

Our group worked on this task together. We wanted to create a website that would show an animation that would teach you about heavy mineral sands, J bays, sedimentary rock formation and how waves are transporters of energy. The website would also show a heavy mineral sands mineralization key with photos. Everyone in our group had a chance to do some panning, researching and using the digi scope.

Jacob panning the heavy mineral sands in preparation to use the digi scope.
Created By
Casey Eggleston

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