Wondering about Warthogs south africa safari

Where were the warthogs? Warthog sightings abounded, but never when I was there. Would I miss seeing the mightiest of the Ugly 5? Fortunately, my luck was about to change, and it would soon be raining warthogs -- hallelujah!

A jolly warthog with twinkling eyes poses for a photo.

Is there not beauty to be found in the functionality -- if not the form -- of the warthog's protrusions, bristles and flat snout?

[A]s lithe as Artemis with her arrows striding down from a high peak—Taygetus' towering ridge or Erymanthus— thrilled to race with the wild boar or bounding deer, and nymphs of the hills race with her, daughters of Zeus whose shield is storm and thunder, ranging the hills in sport, and Leto's heart exults as head shoulders over the rest her daughter rises, unmistakable—Nausicaa outshines them all, though all are lovely. ~Homer

This baby warthog runs like Nausicaa, outshining the other forest nymphs. She'll run up to 34 mph as an adult.

The warthog is unfortunately rumored to be as delicious as he is unattractive. Viewed as the most delectable dinner in the grasslands, he needs his tusks to hold predators at bay.

A world-weary warthog trudges home in the hot afternoon sun.

In a cruel world, warthogs get by with a little help from their friends ... and family. And the occasional orange comb-over, also a popular look in humanoid circles these days.

Mamma warthog has a twirly tail and two of her adorable hoglets in tow.

Might warthogs have something to teach us, due precisely to their wretched appearance?

Love is huge. But if you're talking about men and women, it's got to start with the most initial obvious attraction that warthogs go through. Look at that ass! That's what keeps the world spinning. There's your God. ~Chevy Chase

But even sharpened tusks are no guarantee when leopards like Dewan, the fiercest tiger of Sabi Sands, is on the prowl.

Oh jolly warthog with the twinkling eyes, I hope that isn't you...

I soon learned there was a warthog family living in Skukuza, our fortified lodging in Kruger National Park. Lightness of spirit translated into lightness of hoof as three little hoglets played with abandon in the safety of the dwellings.

Mamma warthog lovingly watches over her drift.

Is this warthog heaven? Or simply South Africa? I rest easy with hope that the warthog family lives happily ever after in Skukuza.


Highland Eyes Photography

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