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Game 1: Home Game Against The Atlanta Hawks

This is probably the roughest starting line up to root for. First 3 minutes in I couldn’t help but say damn, are there any updates on KP? Is he coming back next week? What are we really paying THJ for? The team was 0-9 8:03 left in the first quarter… I was already asking questions. Am I really about to watch 82 games of this shit? Again? Mitchell Robinson played 2 minutes & limped off the floor. Yep. Again.

Then the bench came in. 7:58 2nd quarter & already 11 Knicks played. we were up 12. It’s time to start projecting who we’d be facing in the first round.

A franchise record 49 points. And THJ had 16 of them thangs.

THJ finished with 31 points. This dude had 39 points in his first 4 games last year. Enes Kanter gets so many underrated double doubles. I’m going to enjoy rooting against him next year when he signs with the Nets.

Noah Vonleh looks good. #KnicksGotNoah haha. Alonzo Trier is officially my favorite Knick. His Jersey is being bought yesterday.

Now. I know it’s early. But hear me out...

I really like what I saw. These guys want to play hard. They want to play here. Fizdale is the coach we all have been waiting for. We going to shock a few teams. We going to embarrass a few teams. But, we also going to smacked a few times. KP can take as long as he needs at this point. Win, lose, draw. I like what I saw. THJ for MVP.

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