Boomtowns In the 1800s


What are they?

Towns where people set up tents to mine. Then merchants set up shops and wooden structures. By the end they were functioning towns and were quite successful towns.

Who went there?

Miners who wanted to strike rich by mining gold, silver and other precious medals. Merchants who wanted to sell goods to these miners such as water and tools to mine.

What was there?

In a boomtown there were many tents that miners would use as quarters. Also you would find many wooden structures that served as shops where you would buy over priced necessities like water. That would be the only place you could buy clean water because all the streams were polluted by the miners.

Where are they?

Many were found by mines where people set up towns in the west. They would be near the mines with trails and roads leading there so they can get to and from th meines with their equipment.

What was life like there?

Life there wasn't fun because of the many people pouring into the town and the rapid rise in population. Also everything was overpriced so the people making the most money were the shop owners.

What were problems with Boomtowns?

There are many problems with boomtowns. People would rush in and there would be shops and stuff but then when the ore ran out people would leave causing the miners to leave resulting in a ghost town.

Who kept the justice?

Many people would act as vigilantes and keep the justice themselves. Then the towns would appoint a sheriff but sometimes the vigilante would keep working but nobody appreciated them.

What was their entertainment?

Most of the time they were either eating with the people they made their friends or out minting for gold, silver, etc.

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