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There arent many differences between a stock and a share. They are basically the same thing but when you say i have a stocks this is referring to many companies you say stocks when you arent talking about a specific company. You say i own some of the shares of apple. When you say i own a share. The question becomes of what company. When you say i own stocks. It can be much more general. Another very important term in stock markets is. A dividend is a payment made by the corporation to the shareholders. It is usually a distribution of profits. When a corporation earns a profit. They can choose to invest in that business. Pay some of the profit as a dividend to shareholders. The ticker symbol is important to the stock market for security reasons. It is an arrangement of letters.Using these ticker symbols investors place there orders to buy shares in companies.

A mutual fund is very important in the stock market as if you are not very serious about the stock market. If you do it on the side and you dont want to risk losing a lot of money then. You can use a mutual fund. This means you can pool your money together with someone and buy a share or stocks. Supply and demand is probably the base of economics and stock. Demand refers to how much quantity of a certain product is desired by the buyer. The demand is the quantity the buyer is willing to buy and the price they are willing to buy it at. Supply refers to how much the market can offer. How much the market can produce of this certain product and the price they are willing to sell the product at.

The best companies for me was Turkcell. The reason for this was because i bought Turkcell and when it went up i sold it directly. The others when they went up i was too scared to sell them. First there was EA sports. I bought them because they were going to release a new huge game called fifa 17. They released it EA went up by around 6% percent then they were going to release a new game called battlefield one. Then people didn't really like the game so it went down it went into the negatives. I realized even the smallest amount of something going wrong can turn the whole economy of the company around. The game wasn't even that bad i just saw that it did not sell that much. If i was to do this project again i would definitely make sure that when a company is up a decent amount to actually sell it and not wait so long for it to go down. I also to invest i would look at what company is bringing out what. Like for example if apple is releasing a new iphone and there is a lot of hype around it then you should invest in apple. Then many people will start buying the new iphone then the apple stocks will shoot up. I also learned that listening to sites isn't the best idea i got some companies from them and they did not do too well. I also learned that if you go and invest into the big companies like apple google and such. These companies won't go down or they have a lower risk in going down whereas small companies you can get a big share and if they go up then you are making lots and lots of money. With these small companies they have a higher risk of coming down.

I would definitely sell the ones that are in the green right now so i would sell TE connectivity and 20th fox century those will earn me quite a bit. Then i will also wait a tiny bit for christmas so people will start buying many things from amazon so amazon will go up by a lot. I would sell Addidas soon as they just released a couple of new pairs of shoes that look good i predict that Addidas will go up soon so i would sell it then. I also think that I will wait on the Tyson food Inc a little bit if it doesnt go up then i will cut my loses and sell it as i cant be losing anymore money on it. I will keep hold of EA until christmas and they will release team of the year cards many people will want these cards so they will put in extensive amounts of money in the game to get them. Then EA will sky rocket up. I learned that the stock market is very unpredictable you should rack up your facts then look to see which company will do good and go with your gut feeling. Those forbes websites and things like that they dont really work really well i tried it all 3 companies a got from forbest magazines and many more. 2 of these companies went down by a lot. One of them did not go by that much so i suggest that you should just go with your feeling.


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