water terning in to snow Sofia Lombardi

paerigeraf 1 This parigrafe is about water evaperating in to a cloud. First water eivaperates in to a cloud.It is a little pufey cloud.The water starts to foll from the cloud.It uoshley tiny drops tiny and thenit gits biger and biger.The water gits a tiny bit cold.It is way cold now but it is still giting colder.

paerigeraf 2 water is falling soper cold now.It is so cold it is omost frozin. The rain gets vary cold.The cold water is omomst froze.The water is tenile snow but one more parigraf. The colder it is giting the more like it is going to be snow.The nest parigraf it is snow.It is so cold it is tenicle snow now.Colder and colder it gits the more snow mite foll.

Paerigeraf 3 snow.snow.Snow is now folling down on to eath.The water got so clod it froze.It is so cold now.It is still a little wete.sticky snow is foling now.sone the snow hites the grownd.Time to play.Snow day today.


Created with images by jorisamonen - "winter frost snow" • Hans - "cloud cumulus clouds cumulus" • Oleg. - "after the rain" • Cristiana Bardeanu - "Snow"

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