Friends NYC Pop-Up Inside the new attraction featuring set recreations, costumes, inside secrets, and more from the hit sitcom "Friends."

The hit show Friends celebrated twenty-five years since the first episode on September 22nd, but the celebration continues to spread through fans all around the world. Multiple coffee shops have transformed into "Central Perk" and the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai was lit with iconic phrases and symbols from the show. Now, the Friends pop-up in New York City opened its doors to set recreations, photo opportunities, costumes and props from the show, and much more.

As a die hard Friends fan, all I can say after visiting the pop-up is "Oh. My. Gawd."

Here are some of the amazing Relics and recreations featured at the friends nyc pop-up...

Among recreations, there were genuine props pulled from the Warner Bros storage, Phoebe's dollhouse from "The one with the dollhouse" is one of these items.
We had lots of fun taking pictures all around the experience. This "Could I be wearing anymore clothes?" photo-op of Joey from "The one where no one's ready" was no exception.


We turned into Monica in this iconic Thanksgiving look from "The one with all the Thanksgivings."
And any true fan can hear Ross screaming "PIVOT" in this iconic scene.


There was also a special display for the "Buffay original" that is Gladys.
"There was genuine camaraderie and love between the castmembers — that was not manufactured in any way, So right away, you are in this warm environment where people really enjoy being together and that, of course, is rare and wonderful."-Maggie Wheeler (Janice)
The pop-up also featured an elaborate recreation of Joey and Chandler's apartment, including their infamous board of reminders...
...the big white dog...


...and their living room, with Joey's handmade entertainment center and their recliners.
Up-close on the Entertainment center, there were important and genuine relics from Joey and Chandler's friendship such as Huggsie the penguin, Joey's head shots and hockey stick, Chandler's glasses, and more.
We felt just like Ross, Joey, and Rachel in the recreation of the iconic scene from "The one with the late Thanksgiving."


The pop-up ended with an intricate recreation of the most iconic hangout spot, Central Perk. It featured the orange couch and coffee table as well as the stage were Phoebe performed hits like "Smelly Cat" and "Sticky Shoes." It also had a real restaurant where we ordered cheesecake from "The one with all the cheesecakes" and Phoebe's grandmother's chocolate chip cookies.


Sadly, I was unable to get pictures of everything at the Friends NYC Pop-Up, but some honorable mentions are: the Geller cup from "The one with the football", the fountain and umbrellas from the opening credits, and Rachel's 18 page letter to Ross.

After 25 years, Friends reminds us that they're still "There for us." The same jokes and characters that our parents watched continue to be loved by people of all ages. Friends changed the world of sitcoms, and continues to influence the comedy of today. the relation that audiences feel sticks with them like no other show ever has been able to achieve. Which is why that even after two and a half decades, people will drive for hours and hours just to see recreations of their favorite show...

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