LUNA Photography

Luna is DMV & Southern PA based and specializes in dance photography, headshots, portraits, as well as video work*.

George Mason University

Various student choreography and professional residency performances.

Choreographers (descending order): Sophia Adoum & Beth Whelan, Ulysses Dove, Soon Ho Park, Alejandro Cerrudo, Susan Shields, Luna, Robert Rubama, Celeste Patten, Jaya Bond, Jumana Al Refai, Nicole Daniell, David Kurland, Stacey Smith, Allison Podolsky, Kelly Hogan, Rachel Stover

Chamber Dance Project

Performance and rehearsals

Choreographers (descending order): Diane Coburn and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Contact: emmanuelleeluna@gmail.com

*Taken and priced on a case-by-case basis. Email for specific details and pricing.