Accoglienza Tradizionale Review: Buca di Beppo

By: Jordan Foster

Buca di Beppo brings a whole new feel to traditional Italian dishes served family-style. If you or somebody you know is struggling to find pure Italian food that’s perfect for a family of 3-5, or more, drag them down to Buca di Beppo where they get strong service and an invitation to what it means to be Italian. You notice the restaurant is isolated on the side of the 405 Freeway and the only thing nearing this restaurant is a Best Buy across the street. As you enter, you veer through a small crowd to enter the restaurant where you are greeted by two hosts, “Benvenuto!” they exclaimed. You are surrounded by paintings that are screaming Italian culture at you and draw your attention away from your host.

You are led through organized areas of tables that each had a unique set of designs which guided me up the brick stairs and through more and more paintings that surround me on the walls. The table is set up as if you are a royal figure. The salad bowl on the table cocooned an appealing Caesar salad that glistened in dressing.

The server arrived in an organized fashion, one arm wrapped around his back as he greeted himself as Alonzo. He explained new menu options that he referred to as the “Italian Supreme” and added a chuckle. Right then and there you realize that this restaurant’s focus was making everyone feel welcomed and greeted into their culture, which was constructed through the various food options that they have.

After ordering their most popular chicken alfredo, it arrives in a buffet-style and plopped on top of the table. There is one big bowl that supports the meal and it isn’t separated on different plates like a traditional restaurant. Tongs arrive with the meal to distribute on the different plates as you desire. The succulent chicken dissolves in your mouth as you take about three chews. The heavenly alfredo sauce complimented the rest of the meal by serving as their guardian and was wrapped around the noodles to provide a pungent taste that drifts you away from the noodles and chicken themselves. Alongside the meal, came a stack of warm garlic bread that had sprinkles of green herbs on top to add a sharp spice to it.

As you’re enjoying your food, you notice smiling faces and gentle laughs across the restaurant which brings a positive attitude to the overall feel of the experience. You feel as if you are apart of the server’s family, the way they make you feel welcomed into the Italian culture. Many people are seen taking photos next to the different art pieces with smiles that exceed their face.

Buca di Beppo. 11757 Harbor Blvd Garden Grove, California 92840. (714) 740-2822. https://www.bucadibeppo.com/. Hours: Monday - Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM, Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 11PM, Sunday: 11 AM - 9 PM. Daily lunch and dinner. $27-$50 for main entrees. Reservations accepted. V, MC, AMEX, or cash accepted. Parking: parking lot only. Catering, Delivery, and Pickup available.


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