GLOBAL SOLIDARITY WALL for the Glasgow Equal Pay Strike

Collected on this wall are solidarity messages from other workers, unions and supporters from across the world, gathered by Public Services International - the Global Union Federation of Workers in Public Services

Today, I stand with the Women in Glasgow Striking for equal pay, dignity and ending gender discrimination at work. Your boldness and pride are an inspiration for our global fight for gender equality. And the time is now!

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary

We support the Glasgow Equal Pay Strike!

National Union of Govt and Federated Workers Trinidad and Tobago

We support the strike. Because the rulings in favor of equal pay for the Glasgow sisters need to be respected. Their struggle is our struggle: for Gender Equality in the world. We are many but we are one. Our unity strengthens us and keeps us going. From a long way away we send our solidarity.

Agripina Hurtado, President of ASOSIEMCALI - USE Union, Colombia

We declare our solidarity and absolute support with you in your legitimate demands

Union of Engineering and Technical Professions South Electricity Sector, Iraq

"The board of the division for schools of the United Services Union ver.di in Germany declares its solidarity to the planned strike actions in order to implement equal pay for women and men in Glasgow. The devision for schools in ver.di represents between others the professional group of secretaries in the school administration. As well in Germany the work of this professional group which consists mostly of women is not being sufficiently recognized. That is why we are as well active for better working and wage conditions for our female colleagues. Your fight gives us further strength. Therefore we wish you a lot of success with your actions and a long breath and we will make public your concerns in our publications and political bodies."

ver.di - German Trade Union

We send support and solidarity to the workers in their struggle from the workers of the Argentine Republic.

Secretaria de Género Central de Trabajadores, Argentina



We support the movement: in solidarity with women, workers and trade unions

Hind Mahila Sabha Indian Women Association, India

Dear colleagues All our support for your strike. Our fight around the world is right and we must continue the strike until we get our demands. The struggle continues ✊🏼

FNME CGT, France

Dear Comrades, I would like to express my personal and CGIL’s solidarity and closeness to the thousands of lowpaid women striking in Glasgow on 23 and 24 October. Your action was successful and the result of a long struggle UNISON and GMB conducted to achieve the respect of women’s right to equal pay. It is unacceptable that in 2018, after 12 years of promises from the Scottish Government and a long battle carried out by your trade unions, women workers continue being paid less than men performing jobs of equal value and being exempted by other rights (like protections lasting three years for bonuses paid to men, but not women).

Your struggle is the struggle of all women in the world and in Europe, because even if there are rules, laws and agreements, that forbid workplace wage discrimination on the basis of gender, women are often excluded from bonuses, overtime pay, career advancements and this is no longer acceptable .The gender pay gap in the EU still averages around 16%, ranging from less than 8% in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia to more than 20% in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia and United Kingdom. This shows how important and necessary is your fight and how it is fundamental that the central, crucial role played by women in the society, in the labour world, in the economy, must be recognised and appreciated.

No more empty promises, time has come to put an end to this injustice. We, the women, altogether, we want everything! And you can count on us. In solidarity,

Susanna Camusso, Italian General Confederation of Labour

As FPCGIL, we must support the struggle of Glasgow women workers and their strike action of 23th and 24th of October called by Unison and GMB. We stand by their side: it is inconceivable in 2018 that could still exist forms of wage discrimination in public services. In times of #metoo movement, in times in which we must everyday fight against gender-based violence, it is necessary to support and highlight the battle of these women, victims themselves of a sort of unacceptable violence, for equal pay against any discrimination that still inexplicably resists in Europe and in the world.

Serena Sorrentino, FPCGIL General Secretary

You have our full support in your battle

General Trade Union of Workers in Health Services and Pharmaceutical Industries, Jordan

We absolutely support our colleagues in defense of their most legitimate rights

FGEG UGTT, Tunisia

Aluta Continua, No retreat! No Surrender!

National Public Service Workers Union, South Africa

We stand in solidarity with you, the union fight continues

SNATEGS, Algeria

You are showing the way forward for the whole world.

International Women’s Strike Connecticut, USA

Stick in ladies. We in Cumbria where the first in the UK to win equal


Ante la inequidad e injusticia laboral; La huelga es el camino

ISP - CONASEP, Ecuador

We support the fair strike in Glasgow, WITHOUT STRUGGLES THERE ARE NO VICTORIES. We need toend to wage discrimination of gender in all its dimensions. We cannot achieve social justice without Equal Pay and Gender Equality. "Stand up and fight back" is a historical call to resistance. DO NOT BEND, DEFEND


We are strong together! We support our Union's sisters! With Solidarity from Ukraine!

State Employees Union of Ukraine

Congratulations on your major action in pursuit of equal pay. We at the NZ PSA have made equal pay one of our strategic goals and are working hard to achieve it. It is great to see the world wide priority being given to this issue and we support you and send our solidarity to you

Glenn Barclay, National Secretary New Zealand Public Services Association - Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi

Equal pay all the way!


La única batalla perdida es la que no se lucha. Todo nuestro apoyo desde la Federación de Sanidad y Sectores Sociosanitarios de CCOO

FSS-CCOO, España

Well done everyone. I am so proud of each and everyone of you what a day and I'm proud to have took part in it x

Frances Stojilkovic, homecare coordinator



All our support for this great action for equal pay and we hope the protest movement continues to extend beyond the borders to grow trade union friendships

CFDT Social and Health Services, France

We wish you victory in your long battles against discrimination pay system!!! In Solidarity

Lithuanian Trade Union of Health Care Employees

The Bulgarian Medical Specialists, members of the Federation of Healthcare Workers of CITUB, express our warmest support for the women in Glasgow for their fight and their request for a decent pay !! We are with them! Success!

FTU - HS/CITUB, Bulgaria

Keep fighting for equal value and equal pay - do not give up.

Confederation of Vocational Unions, Norway

We support the Glasgow Women's Strike for equal which is still a major challenge in many countries and is a trade union concern.

Uganda Public Employees Union, Uganda

We believe that these protests are fundamental for the achievement of equity and equality, we believe that the strike is a fundamental mechanism for pressure against the government and employers for the winning of historical debts for gender equality - but also for equal pay and the elimination of wage inequality due to gender. Long live the strike!

From the Youth Collective of the Andean Subregion of Public Services International

Go all the way, we support you

FIQ Quebec

We'll never stop this fight until we've equal rights and benefits! I support this strike!!!!

FNV Netherlands

Sisters and Brothers: Fight for what's right. We are with you.

Federaration of Municipal Employees, India

You have our full support

Syndicat national autonome des personnels de l'administration public, Algeria

In Austria, we still have an income gap of around 20% in 2018. In other words, women will be working free from the 20.10.2018: ie 73 days, before the end of the year. An annual improvement by a few days is unacceptable! Immediate action must be taken to close this income gap. We fully support and send our strength to Glasgow! "Whoever fights can lose, those who do not fight have already lost!" Bertolt Brecht

Younion, Austria

We support you

Women welfare worker's union, Bangladesh

I support you completely in your important fight for equal pay!

Yvonne Persson, Handelsanställdas Förbund, Sweden

We stand in solidarity with your fight for pay equity. Your fight brings hope for all the women of the world. Your victory will be the victory for all

Syndicat de la fonction publique et parapublique, Québec

Equal pay for work of equal value is a main foundation principle of the constitution of the International Labour Organization, 100 years old next year, and women workers have been waiting in Glasgow for more than a decade for equal pay, since a new pay and grading scheme in 2006, was supposed to put an end to pay inequality based on gender, but didn´t. PSI stands with our striking sisters in Glasgow, the majority of which are GMB and UNISON members: our affiliated unions in the UK. We also stand with women workers globally to raise our voice and collective action and to end pay discrimination in all intersectional dimensions. We will keep on defending women workers’ rights and we will keep on defending the right to strike as the highest weapon of workers struggles and solidarity.

Veronica Montufar, PSI Gender Equality Officer


ISP, Ecuador

Our union stands with you for your Strike

Rajasthan Vidyut Prasaran Mazdoor Congres INTUC, India

Dundee TUC Officers, delegates and affiliates send a huge message of solidarity and support to Glasgow's women strikers. The world is ill divided; those that work the hardest are aye the least provided.

Dundee Trades Union Council, Scotland

Your brothers and sisters at the AFL-CIO in the US stand with you in your fight for women's equality and justice!


EUROMIL, the Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions, is a strong defender of Human Rights for all workers. Art 23, (2) and (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on equal pay and fair remuneration are the corner stones of equal treatment for all, men and women. EUROMIL therefore support the Glasgow Women’s Strike for Equal Pay.

EUROMIL, European Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions

Las mujeres de las organizaciones ecuatorianas afiliadas a la Internacional de Servicios Públicos manifiestan su solidaridad con la huelga de ocho mil trabajadoras de Glasgow. Compartimos la consigna de “levantarse y responder luchando”.

Comité Nacional de Mujeres de la ISP en Ecuador

En la Constitución del Ecuador se encuentra considerado un artículo que reza de la siguiente manera:" A IGUAL TRABAJO IGUAL REMUNERACION" por esto y por la dignidad de nuestras hermanas que hoy están luchando por sus derechos, las Mujeres Ecuatorianas y nuestra Organizacion CONASEP hacemos llegar nuestro apoyo y decirles que la huelga de GLASGOW es un referente para las mujeres lationamericanas que día a día laboramos para construir un mundo en donde exista equidad y justicia laboral ¡ Adelantes guerreras! Sola la lucha nos ayuda alcanzar nuestros objetivos comunes ¡VIVA LA HUELGA DE GLASGOW! ¡QUE VIVAN POR SIEMPRE ESTAS GUERRERAS VALIENTES Y FORJADORAS DE MEJORES DIAS! VIVAAA!

CONASEP, Ecuador

Our union strongly supports the Glasgow Women's Strike. We hope they will have success with their strike and become stronger for future solidarity.

Bangladesh Women Welfare Workers Union

Dear colleagues, #TotalSolidarity from Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela y Aruba. #EqualPay #EqualPayGlasgow #decentwork

Carlos Castaneda, ISP Interamericas, Sub Región Andina

Dear colleagues, We wish you victory in your long battles against discrimination pay system!!! In Solidarity


SWADNU condemns gender discrimination on remuneration and urge the unions to continue with the struggle of decent work. Forward ever with demanding equal pay for work of equal to value AMANDLA!!!!!!!


We are in solidarity with you, it is your right to be paid equally. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!


We are following your action and bravery across the water in Dublin, Ireland. Your fight for equal pay for equal work is inspiring workers all over these islands and beyond. Stick together. You will win. The workers united will never be defeated.

SIPTU Health, Ireland

Dear Sisters, the Danish PSI unions send our solidarity with your strike for equal pay, equal pay is important in all countries, but your fight seems even harder when the Glasgow City Council fails to respect court decisions in favour of Equal Pay. It is time now for equal pay and conditions for men and women. On behalf of the Danish PSI unions.

Joan Prahl, Union secretary FOA, Denmark

Public Services Employees Union of Turkey (Genel-İş) wishes you a successful strike and supports your struggle for members who have been denied equal pay. In solidarity!

Remzi Çalışkan DİSK/Genel-İş President, Turkey

Dear Sisters, I am writing this message on behalf of Trade Union of Employees in Public Health and Social Services (SES). Please be sure that SES is in full solidarity with your strike over pay discrimination. It is a fact women workers and public officers face several forms of problems including pay discrimination. Undoubtedly, it is unacceptable for labour rights principles. Women must get what they deserve in their professional life. In this regard, your strike is a highly important action to remind this fact to the employers and motivate our women workers for a higher level of struggle. SES will continue to support your struggle. In solidarity,

Gönül Erden Co-President SES, Turkey

Dear Sister, I am writing this solidarity message on behalf of Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions (KESK) that represents more than 150.000 public officers, half of whom are women, in Turkey. It is a fact that public officers and workers face serious problems across the world. However, women workers and public officers face serious problems mainly for their gender. These problems vary from mobbing to inequalities in promotion or payment. In the light of these facts, your on strike over payment discrimination is really significant for several aspects: a) It draws attention to women-specific problems in professional life, b) It indicates that women can lead the struggle to solve these issues. KESK fully supports you and your struggle. It is certain that we will win. In solidarity,

Gulistan Atasoy Women's Secretary KESK, Turkey

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