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December 15 2019

California Man Alleges That the Police Committed a Hate Crime Against Him While He Was in Custody

The Social Media Story: Last week, Jacob Angelo Servin of California posted a series of photos on Instagram depicting his brutally battered face. The caption detailed his experience in jail, where he claimed to have been attacked by deputies belonging to the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office. Servin stated that three sheriffs had “held [him] down, beat [him], choked [him], kicked [him], and tried to snap [his] neck, for a long period of time", while he was pleading for them to stop. He went on to describe how the men tried to kill him, “all while yelling racist remarks." He also shared that the injuries inflicted upon him during the altercation have made it difficult for him to walk on his own. His post went viral, circulating Instagram and sparking widespread outrage from the public.

The Facts: According to a family member on Twitter, Servin was arrested for being drunk at a bar. Footage has shown officers escorting Servin to a blindspot within the facility. Upon his return, he appears severely injured, stumbling and covered in blood. San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow told Fox 40 that Servin had initiated the fight, saying: “He grabbed hold of the female, tried to drag her to the ground and would not let go of her… And so they fought the best they could to try and free her and to get themselves out of the cell and get that door closed.” The sheriff's office also said in a statement: "Correctional officers were forced to react to his aggressiveness in order to protect themselves and maintain the safety and security of others in the facility.” Servin faces five misdemeanor counts of battery on a custodial officer and will appear in court on Dec. 17.

Ohio Bill Orders Doctors to Perform a Medically Impossible Procedure or Face “Abortion Murder” Charges:

The Social Media Story: In Ohio, a bill has ordered doctors to “re-implant ectopic pregnancies” in a woman’s uterus, or be charged with “abortion murder." Criticism of the bill came from all around America and beyond when doctors stated that such a procedure was medically impossible.

The Facts: An ectopic pregnancy occurs when an embryo is implanted in the mother’s fallopian tube, rather than the uterus, causing the pregnancy to become unviable. The condition can be life threatening. The introduction of this bill has made this the second time that medical professionals have had to explain to legislators that relocating the embryo is, at present, an impossible task. The new legislation also deems a fertilized egg to be an “unborn child”, which would punish doctors and women as young as 13 for partaking in, or carrying out an abortion. The sentence for this crime would be life imprisonment. Dr. Chris Zahn, vice-president of practice activities at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, emphasized: “Re-implantation is not physiologically possible. Women with ectopic pregnancies are at risk for catastrophic hemorrhage and death in the setting of an ectopic pregnancy, and treating the ectopic pregnancy can certainly save a mom’s life.”

'University of Farmington' ICE Sting:

The Social Media Story: Posts have recently surfaced across media platforms, calling out the Department of Homeland Security for creating a fake university in an effort to attract and subsequently deport young immigrants.

The Facts: It has been revealed that the governmental organization ICE has created a false university, under the name of ‘The University of Farmington’, as part of an “undercover operation by the Department of Homeland Security designed to expose immigration fraud." According to authorities, students from abroad knowingly enrolled in the fake establishment, paying to falsely maintain their student visa status and remain in America. However, emails obtained by Free Press show that the university presented itself to students as a "nationally accredited institution authorized to enroll international students by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security." As part of the scheme, eight so-called “recruiters” were employed to enroll approximately 600 students. Prosecutors explained that these recruiters collected over $250,000. Since February 2017, agents from Homeland Security Investigations had allegedly posed as members of the university. ICE has yet to declare exactly how many students had been enrolled, or how the collected fees were to be used. For the students who attempted to arrive legally by obtaining student visas, most of them have lost their immigration status when the fake school was shut down in January.

Indian Rape/Murder Victim Priyanka Reddy Goes Trending on Indian Porn Site After Her Death

The Social Media Story: Merely three days after the rape and murder of Priyanka Reddy, @purpleproze tweeted a screenshot, showing that Reddy’s name was trending on Indian porn website ‘XVideos’. @purpleproze went on to explain that it is very common in India for attackers to film assaults on female victims and that a significant amount of people were searching for such footage upon hearing about the tragedy.

The Facts: RevNow have since checked to see if her name is still trending on India’s version of XVideos and it was not listed. RT News was one of the only major news source that has reported this story. To read more about the details regarding Reddy’s case, click here.

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