4A10 Brianna DeRoss My Journey

Hi I am Brianna I came from Ireland I traveled to Ellis Island to meet my great great great grandpa. He traveled to Ellis Island from Itali. When we first came my grandpa went to check in and were they checked out was a rusty old table. Two guys were messing around and my grandpas last name was Derosa untill the guys did it wrong and they called out DeRoss and my grandpa was very italion so he said thats not my last name its DeRosa. The guys said no this said on the paper its not DeRosa it says DeRoss so we just went along with it. We went on this boat that smelled not so good and we all were smashed together finally we had arrived at Ellis island the statue of liberty was beautiful. Then I went home and were I live is Florida with my 4 Uncles , grandma, grandpa, dad,sister,mom. And I also work at a reasturant named Bri `s.

Flag of Ireland

Map of Ireland

statue of Liberty
  • The statue of liberty was a gift to the United States from France.
  • The statue wears a crown with seven rays.
  • And the seven crowns stands for the seven continets and seven seas.
  • She holds up a torch which stands for liberty and freedom.
  • What I liked about the Ellis island web quest was the videos and pictures.
  • Also the Brainpop video because I got to learn about the Statue of liberty.
  • And I also liked the Ellis island interactive tour.

Sources Ellis Island Interactive tour Brainpop Jr Statue of Liberty, google images


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