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A logo is a symbol, text or small design created by an organisation to identify its products or what it does as a business. They are the visual representation and identity of a business.

Logo History

1800’s - Logos were merely a symbol to mark who the makers were. The beginning of first brands, such as cadbury

1900-1930 - Trademarking logos began. Logos were intricate and still just merely a marker

1930-1980 - Logo design begins to thrive. Graphic design becomes more popular (Paul Rand, Milton Glaser). Logos began to take on a more simplified approach.

1980-2000’s - More simplified, enhanced and computer based logos were created

Current Logos

Simplified, Online based, Versatile for all kinds of publication, Less text, Minimal colour & Appropriated - People using logos on tshirts - Logos are fashionable now.

McDonald's Logo Evolution

Importance of Logos

Good logos are essential to any business, they create brand identity and defines the purpose and identity of the business. We live in a visual world where in today’s society we constantly see images, signs, symbols and logos - so it is important to have one that is going to stand out and catch peoples attention from the second they look at it (especially if it a new business starting up).

“Your logo is a visual cornerstone of a company’s brand. Your company’s identity is visually expressed through its logo, which, along your company’s name’, is one of the main things that makes your business memorable. Think of eBay, Google, and Yahoo. Each one of these companies has a distinctive logo that a large percentage of people would be able to describe without seeing.”

Ratlife Clothing Label - Sydney Based


Designing your own logo can be daunting and confronting but is not impossible! With the right information and research and following some handy tips below, you can design any kind of logo you wish.

Where to start?

1. Understand logos must be simple, memorable, enduring and versatile

2. Research the brand/the previous logo/other competitors

3. Reference other logo designs that have been successful

4. Sketch and conceptualise ideas - draw and write in a book BEFORE you go to the computer

5. When designing make sure it fits the brand and represents what they do/are

Tips to consider

- Avoid Cliches (hipster theme has been overdone)

- Make it double up visually. Can you incorporate logo to have two meanings or two images in it to create the one?

- Keep It Simple Stupid

- Make negative space your friend (FedEx arrow)

- Size and shape


Illustrator Tips

We use illustrator when designing logos due to it being more versatile and text and shape can be moved around and sized more easily. Creating logos in Photoshop can make it more pixelated. In Illustrator we can make it as small or as large without having that issue. We can draw symbols and incorporate more items in illustrator, it uses more mathematical equations so everything is always lining up and correct to the size you want.

Tip: Don't forget the different effects you can use in Illustrator
Tip: Gradient tool could be great for text

You can create outlines of your text (see above) by adjusting the Beizer points!

Become familiar with Beizer to create curves and rounded shapes!


Assessment task requires students to create a logo of their own design for ONE of the following groups:

- Café/Dessert bar

- Car company

- Social media (eg: Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat)

- Clothing company

- Shoe company

You must use an existing company (eg: Adidas/Nike/Ben & Jerry’s etc). When creating your logo you need to think of all the points we have spoken about. The logo needs to have at least one colour and have at least ONE word of text throughout the logo. The logo must be created in Illustrator during class (you can research and sketch ideas at home). You need to create something for your client that is current, modern and trendy but will stand the test of time. You will need to write a 500 word analysis on your logo explaining why you have chosen particular shapes, fonts and colours and why you think it will stand the test of time in today's fast pace society.

You will be marked on your ability to use Illustrator, by incorporating different effects and events into the design. You will also be marked on your ability to understand the brand and your analysis of your own logo. Your visual diary will also be marked so please document all ideas and concepts in there.

Evolution of a logo design

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