Flight Dreamt By: Christopher Lomeli

My Dream

I was on some sort of weird field trip with friends from school, church, and random strangers. It was Summer and we were on a slow moving river that would change formations from narrow to wide. Our surroundings gave me the impression that we were in a rain forest. We all had on life jackets. I was floating on opposite ends of this girl I knew and this guy I didn't; he was tan and kind of tall. We were all talking and having a nice time when the conversation kind of turned on me (but only hovered on me) then went away slowly, like the water. The conversation stopped almost completely with me and was solely between the girl and the guy, so I decided to keep going going downstream along the river. Suddenly, I was high up in the air over the river with a shoe box in one of my hands that was carrying my phone. I realized that I was now falling and getting closer to the water, so I started moving my hands up and down like a jellyfish, and to my surprise, I bounced back up in the air. I did this a few times until I was maybe 2 miles upstream where the water ended. I had passed up the whole group. I then dropped the shoe box to land on the water and started flapping slower so that I could descend and then I landed in the water. A man wearing a brown trench coat and fedora started off patronizing me but ended up smiling and left holding a stuffed animal. I then saw an old friend named Henry who started talking to me about my flying. End.


The River: Could have represented my life, and its changing shape could have represented moments of my life where I've put myself into tight and impossible to get out of situations when narrow, and when wide, moments of happiness and discernment.

My flying: Could have been symbolic of my desire to sometimes leave everything behind and to start over somewhere else.

shoe box: A shoebox in a dream usually suggests heading to a new direction in life.

Cell Phone: A cell phone in a dream indicates that you are receptive to new information. Signifies a lack of understanding.

My Dream Interpretation in the Cognitive Theory

My dream begins with me taking notice of the people around me and trying to recognize them. This is how I am everywhere I go to see if I know anyone so that I don't have to be alone. Out of all the people I recognized though, I chose to go to the girl. Now, I did not add a name to this girl in my dream description, but I knew who it was; it was this girl that I had a crush on at the time. The guy, on the other hand, was a random figure. The path my dream took to focus the girl's attention on the other guy reflected my feeling of not being good enough. My reaction to leave during this situation showed my tendency wander whenever tasks seem impossible.

I interpreted my sudden position in the air to my feeling of helplessness and unease. As I fell back towards the water though, I learned how to fly. Re-reading the dream, I came to the conclusion that this symbolized my ability to learn from my mistakes and turn them into lessons learned. After flying, I landed at the end of the river and heard a mysterious man speak to me which I took as a counselor giving me advice. Finally, my dream ends with another familiar face just as it starts, except this time, the face of a friend.


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