"My Favorite Saint" Saint ChrisTopher

St Christopher was born sometime during the third century, but no one knows the exact date. He died sometime in the year 251.

He is the patron saint of bachelors, traveling, epilepsy, and storms. His feast day in the church is July 25.

Not many facts are known about Christopher's life, but it is believed that he was a very tall man from Canaan. He wandered around looking for adventure and his goal was to serve the most powerful king possible. After a king crossed himself to keep out the devil, he went out in search of "the devil." He came across a man who was called "The Devil" so he wanted to serve him. "The Devil" was afraid of crosses, so Christopher figured that there was an even more powerful king. He went to serve Christ. A local hermit told him that in order to serve God, he should serve His people. More specifically, he helped people cross a very dangerous river. Legend has it that one day, a child who later revealed himself as Christ got on Christopher's back. Christoper is a martyr.

Dear Christopher, pray for us as we travel through the journey of life and our travels on God's earth. Amen

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