Schools change alot Private schools don't help open children up as much as public schools

Public schools grow more in the aspect of being near all kinds of culture and not one ideal style.
Public schools give more freedom to students so they can see all types of different groups of people.
Public schools are schools where all kinds of cultures, races, religions can come together and learn together and learn about another and gain relationships them. It helps with people that are not as the same when it comes to the religion and culture because it helps what they go through and what they have to deal with in life because they are different.
Students learn to deal with drugs and random fighting when in public school because there are not as much rules to follow. Even though at times it is a bad thing to let things like this happen, but in doing so they get to watch things happen and learn to deal with such problems like gangs and other groups.
In public school children are not really sheltered from the world around them. Some private schools are great when it comes to learning but maybe just for learning. Some private schools generally teach children what they want to teach and not what they are supposed too; therefore, not letting the child to learn whats needed. Such as how to deal with certain individuals such as gangs, robbers, thugs and etc.
Sending children to private is a great idea if you want to get a higher education than at a public school, but at private schools will not help as much in developing and opening children to the open world than at a public school.


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