Medicine By: Aidan Smythe

Medicine was very important in China. The ancient Chinese believed that illnesses happend when the forces of ying and yang in the body were out of balance. Medicine was important in ancient time and to this day.

THIS IS Hou Tou he is a famous healer.

Medicine impact ancient China in a good way, how because medicine helped people that were sick and ill not just in China but all around the world. A bad impact in ancient China is medicine took awhile time to make. People would need the treatment as quick as possible because the medicine and health was not great an ancient China.


Medicine impacts life today in a good way it does the same exact thing as it did in the time of ancient China, it would help people that are sick or ill. Imagine if ancient China did not make medicine than we would have a BIG problem. So thank China.

This is how ancient China was effected by by medicine and how we were affected today by medicine.

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