Kristopher Colsons rome pic collage

hello today where going to talk about Rome geography here is Rome

First the mountains see the roman have have lots of mountains see like the mountains are blocking of the water way in some parts but it also isolates one part of Rome so if attackers came they would not know in'till it is to late,.

Rome is a peninsula meaning water is on all 3 sides on the one of its side it has the Mediterranean sea. this sea provides food like fish and also it helps crops.

Mediterranean sea

some people did not know about Italy having a kingdom of maple with wild life. the sad part is there could be a big fire burning the tree's then people won't be able to sell there fresh syrup or they wont get as much. this also gives cover to Italians and they might of had like gilly suits or something.

maple tree

the first people to settle down, settled down on the 7 hills because of its temperature and its soil making this a farming community.

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