Holy People of the Middle Ages

Leo IX tried to get rid of the evils of the church, the evils being clerical marriage, simony and lay investiture

Pope Leo IX was called the pilgrim pope due to the fact that he liked to hold church counsels and how he traveled around Europe avidly

Pope Leo IX was ordained as a saint, he was born into a rich aristocratic family, he was popular in his youth and was ordained as a bishop.

St Dominic was trained in priesthood and the holy life from his uncle who was a priest and holy man, he tried to reenact and revive the acts of the apostles

St Dominic preached in a way unlike the other preachers and priests, unlike them he lived a poor life and didn’t ride in of horses or stay in the best inns eating the best food like they did he lived a poor life which was more appealing to the cmmo people than the rich life of luxury that the other preachers and priests lived and preached in the comfort of

St Dominic’s followers became a community and practiced prayers of all kinds

St Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and wildlife he used to live in luxury but chose to go into poverty after he heard the voice of god ask him to go try and restore the christian faith

After receiving a vision saint francis received the five holy piercing wounds stigmata where he gained scares from the nails driven into jesus’ hands and the scar from the spear being thrust into jesus’ side where blood and water flowed

St Francis was a prisoner of war he was taken by enemy soldiers and was held captive for a year while he waited for his father to pay his ransom. There he experienced visions of god and heard the voice of god


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