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In my humble experience as a photographer, I have learned that nobody really cares about one's photography. The world is full of beautiful images and we are getting more and more spoiled with perfection so that it is becoming more difficult to get impressed. We scroll through images on social media or Internet with such great speed, giving only a fraction of a second attention to an image, and the image is even faster forgotten.

The only pictures we care most are the ones depicting ourselves and our loved ones. This is how we are programmed. This is why I find it more exciting and best to photograph people and their emotions. I like capturing faces, moments, memories and the bonus is that people would care about my photography. You can call me Vassileo and feel free to contact me if you wish to find out more.

I am specialized in shooting portraits and events, but now and then, when I travel or am outside for a hike or a small trip I use the opportunity to take nature and urban pictures. I like the city and I like the wild and nature. One of the greatest joys for me, besides shooting portraits of people, is to capture a beautiful moment of beautiful nature... or the other extreme: human's presence in it. Check the commercial photography link below to see some of my landscape shots.

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Vasil Nikolov

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