COVID-19 MEASURES Actions we have taken to prevent the spread of the virus

For our Staff

We have carried out Risk Assessments for all parts of our business. The measures we have implemented include:

  • Staggered arrival and departure.
  • Increased sanitiser stations.
  • Protective screens.
  • Covid 19 Awareness Signage to remind ourselves of the importance of staying alert.
  • Ensuring employees have workstations at least 2m apart.
  • Increased Vigilance to be aware of possible symptoms.
For Our Customers

After carrying out risk assessments we have implemented many changes to help minimise the possibility of spreading the virus which include:

  • Initial consultations can be booked via video conference.
  • Showroom visits will be personalised with only one customer allowed in the showroom at any one time.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned between appointments.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the showroom.
  • Perspex screens for designer stations.
  • Encouraging the use of face coverings for customers visiting the showroom.
At Your Home

Should we need to visit you at home, we have instituted additional measures for your safety:

  • When measuring the property to check measurements, gloves and face coverings will be worn.
  • When delivering items, our delivery staff will hand sanitise prior to entry and wear face masks and gloves.
  • Our installers will wear face masks and wipe down all surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner regularly.
  • All staff will endeavour to stay 2m from you or your family at all times.

Helping to stop the spread of the virus