Andrew Carnegie THe biggest Robber Baron in History

The Carnegie Steel Company which was founded in 1892 before being sold to J.P Morgan in 1901.

A lot of people may think that Andrew Carnegie was a brilliant businessman who paved the way for business but he was a man who ill-treated his workers, destroyed competition to make money all for himself, and he caused disasters like the Johnstown Flood

Although people compliment him for his charitable work, he played a double role in that he reduced worker wages, made them work long days, and in horrendous conditions.
The Workers of the Homestead Steel Mill

Another reason Carnegie is considered one of the biggest robber barons ever is that he killed off all the competition to make money for himself. The smaller companies that wanted to start a steel business were all shut down by his greediness.

A third reason why Carnegie was one of the greatest robber barons ever is that his ignorance caused disasters like the Johnstown Flood.

Johnstown Flood of 1889

The Johnstown Flood occurred on May 31, 1889, after the failure of the South Fork Dam on the Little Conemaugh River 14 miles upstream of the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. A total of 2,200 people were killed and court case was opened against the members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club.

Members of the Club included Andrew Carnegie and Henry Frick

This group of people which included Carnegie, did not properly maintain the dam and its structural integrity was weak causing the water to easily break through it. Although they never were found guilty, the nation knew who caused the disaster.

Similar to Andrew Carnegie, another robber baron today is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, one of the most controversial business men today, is also a robber baron because he hires illegal foreign workers, he doesn't pay his fair share of taxes and his Trump University program has scammed thousands of people.

Trump at the future Trump Tower in 1980

In 1980, Trump hired undocumented Polish workers to work on his Trump Tower. They worked 12-hour shifts with very low wages yet Trump denied it.

Another reason why Trump is a robber baron is his evasion of paying taxes since 1995 after he claimed 915 billion dollars in business losses.

A Page of Trump's 1995 Tax Returns

Through this, Trump could have avoided paying taxes that would have gone towards improving our cities, infrastructure, and communities. This is one of the big things that proves he is a modern day robber baron.

The third reason why Trump is a robber baron is his Trump University program.

The organization had lawsuits filed against it for targeting low income students, using misleading marketing practices, and engaging in aggressive sales tactics. Because of all the lawsuits, the organization was closed down in 2010. This is clearly an example of Trump's ulterior motives and the third reason why he is a modern day robber baron.

To sum up, both Andrew Carnegie and Donald Trump were famous and successful business men in their respective eras but one thing that stands out in both of them is their robber baron agendas.


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