What is Liebe quark?

Like yogurt, but better. Milder and creamier. Rich and velvety. Starting with our authentic Bavarian recipe, quark celebrates a delicious marriage of yogurt and cream cheese. One taste and you’ll know why we call it Liebe.

Nestled high in the Bavarian Alps, generations of mountain farmers have kept a unique dairy recipe close to their hearts.

Alois Ehrmann Sr. made his first batch of Quark in 1920, in the Allgau region of Bavarian, known for its superior dairy. This began an Ehrmann family tradition that still stands with his grandson Christian continuing his legacy today.

One taste is all it takes to discover why millions of people have enjoyed our Quark for nearly 100 years.

Like the joys of Oktoberfest that have spread far and wide, we want to share the Bavarian secret of Liebe Quark with the world.

embrace your quarky side


Lemon Crush

CODE: 218488

Size: 12/5.3 oz

Vanilla devotion

CODE: 63886

Size: 12/5.3 oz

Strawberry kiss

CODE: 218485

Size: 12/5.3 oz

Plain passion

CODE: 218480

Size: 12/5.3 oz

Raspberry rapture

CODE: 218490

Size: 12/5.3 oz

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