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"Make a Bet & Ride the Horse"

Virtually of Course :)

Where Punters Go Along For the Ride

Eyelive is developing a jockey POV 360° image capture, transmission and integrated cloud platform that will deliver a totally new, horserace experience FOR SMART TVs, COMPUTERS, PHONES & TABLETS, plus VR HEADSETS. When a customer places a bet on a horse using the cloud platform, they are offered the view of the race LIVE from the jockey's viewpoint, to become fully immersed in a 360° spherical environment that features the video and sound of the race.

Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto, Canada - October 2018: Eyelive is the first and remains the only company in the world to stream a 360° view from the jockey LIVE during a sanctioned horserace.

Using AR To Enhance the Horse Racing Experience

Augmented Reality is a combination of real-world imagery combined with visualized information that overlays the 360° image. 2D HD video and graphic overlays augment the live-action video and can include the TV broadcast with pointers to the horse that you are riding on, plus real-time telemetry data, virtual advertising, and much more,

Our Goal is to Make Betting More Fun.

The mobile 360° APP Links Customers to the VR Cloud Platform

Accessed through the mobile APP, the 360° video streams from participating tracks to any Internet connected device.

Patrons download either the free APP or register with their credit card information and choose one of 3 levels of subscriptions that enable betting.


We transcode real-time data generated by the betting service provider into the 360° Platform Module. Historical and live-action data from on-board sensors combined with traditional handicapping information is revisualized in a 3D format to become an important tool for both punters and professional handicappers to predict performance.

Secure bet transactions are managed by the track's existing betting service provider.

Winner of 2 Prestigious International Awards!!!

2018 RBForum International Jury Award for Best Vision of Horse Racing.
1st Prize Selected From Over 10,000 Companies Worldwide.


Telemetric, biometric, weather and track data is visualized in 3D and synchronized with the 360° video (live and on-demand) to monitor the health, abilities and full potential of the racehorses.

Data analytics that are gathered during training and in races is now a vital tool, not only for handicappers and bettors but for trainers and veterinarians as well. We have advanced to the stage where the data can be synchronized with 360° video, revisualized in 3D, to be viewed on a tablet or phone to measure the performance and health of horses. This will not only help prevent horse and jockey injuries, but is also of tremendous value for the entire industry.

Stables that do not use this kind of technology are now at a disadvantage.


Surveys show that a common complaint at racetracks is that people find it difficult to actually see the races, so they rely on binoculars or TV monitors to view most of the action.

In concert with the track's marketing team, our 360° in-venue strategy is the ticket to fully engage customers, to increase betting and drive repeat visits... because if you bet on the horse, you experience the greatest show on earth... the view from the jockey LIVE during the race.


  • Hand-out free, branded, cardboard VR viewers to patrons as they enter the track's grandstand
  • Patrons download the APP to their mobile devices by scanning the QR Code with their phone
  • Patrons register and login to enjoy the rides + much more
  • Cardboard viewers are cheap - paid for and branded by sponsors
VR at Vincennes Racetrack in Paris.
Google Cardboard in-venue promotions.


Giant AR Electronic Billboards are in the 360° view and maintain their perspective as the viewers move through the scene.
This Augmented Reality, AR experience includes the placement of virtual advertising, brand placement, in-sky messaging etc., into the video stream... as if it were really there.

In-Venue 360 theatres for a 360° Group Experience

A 360° Cylinder Theatre for a Group Live VR Experience


Providing video and audio in the LIVE ACTION, 360° sphere, streamed across the internet requires a unique mosaic of talent that is impossible to find in a single company. Eyelive has developed and is further securing strategic partnerships with best-in-class enterprises... each being an important participant in the areas of their expertise, working in harmony with the track's existing betting applications.


In order to achieve our goals we recognize that each territory presents unique challenges. Toronto is the epicentre, where like-minded people have come together to bring the best view in sports to the world... the view from the athletes. We incorporating a subsidiary in France and are securing worldwide partnerships with tracks and track owners, telecommunication companies, local technology companies, betting service providers, CDNs and equine experts.

Because we work collaboratively, we are able to solve real challenges to develop a customized, cutting-edge system for each racetrack using the latest technologies and best practices.

Together with our partners, the innovative solutions that we are presenting have the power to transform the way people play and interact with horse racing. Our goal is to provide every experience the sport has to offer in new and dynamic ways... including the thrill of being in the saddle, LIVE during the race.



We are award-winning, broadcast and online media professionals who have developed TV and Internet-based networks globally for over 3 decades. Our team members are specialists in producing full-services for our HD television and live streaming 360° solutions. We will arrive at the track with a seasoned crew, who work in the broadcast TV and online environments, daily.

Today we are ready to go with a complete package... from the hardware to be installed at the track and the construction of the Cloud Platform, through to training the local operators.

Our team's journey into VR and AR began in 2014 with a custom application design and patented software development including the world's leading stabilization program for use in live action VR and 360° post production.


Our solution provides a 360° streaming footprint that integrates with any existing 4k or HD production. Using dedicated jockey mounted RF transmission, the 360° video feed through our customized jockey helmet camera mount is broadcast to a central antenna array acting as the receive point. This can be either to a television mobile truck or the track's broadcast centre which is usually located in the grandstand building.

The 360° stream can be simultaneously converted to 1080 HD for use as instant replays to be used in the live, TV broadcaster.

This is a full technology ecosystem, originating from the camera, through our proprietary stabilization platform to our racetrack cloud platform. Stabilization uses discreet track mounted checker targets, the stabilizing algorithm determines the true horizon and adjusts the footage playback in real-time to tune vibration and excessive movement from the frame. This delivers a 360° perspective that gives the customer the true sense that they are in the saddle.


“EpiqE Tracking” is a real technical achievement and a global innovation that marks a turning point in the world of horse racing, thanks to a degree of precision never seen before in the world of sport.

The French horse industry (LeTROT, France Galop, Equidia, the National Federation of Horse Racing and PMU) launched EpiqE Tracking in January 2018. Tracking offers multiple camera views to its users who can choose at any time the general view or a close-up view at the heart of the pack, to zoom and rotate around a horse.
Great for Post race analysis.


Where secure transactions are required, our team members have delivered a series of breakthroughs since 2011 in the FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY space, including the development of highly secure, consumer facing, Mobile Apps with clients such as American Express, Flexiti Financial, Home Depot and Mercedes Benz. We look forward to working with the betting service providers to provide a fully secure, safe online environment in the 360 online environment.


  • World Class Security
  • Secure Transactions
  • Basel III Compliant
  • Big Data (OLTP)
  • FACTA, FINTRAC & AML Compliance
  • Banking Level Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Cloud Computing



The 360° APP is tailored to enable customers to share their experience on Social Media, LIVE through their connection to the Cloud Platform which will exponentially increase the audience and inevitably create more fans and users from a younger generation.

You bet on a horse... you let all your friends know that they can ride on the horse too... and it becomes a fully shared experience.

Torus Studios is opening our European and Middle East office in France, January 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to review this background information on Torus Studios.




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