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Meet Mr. Don H. Vandagriff, WWII Veteran from Parker County Texas

Mr. Don H. Vandagriff, USAAF in WWII, is the second Parker County resident featured in my Thankful Generations Project made specifically for the “Courage” exhibit for the Doss Heritage and Cultural Center in Parker County, Texas. His brother, Jon Vandagriff, Weatherford College Professor and journalist for the Weatherford Democrat, provided this photograph of his brother, Don.

Don was drafted into the Army Air Force in World War II. Because of his high score in math and science, he was sent to Colorado to train with the Norden Bomb Site, which was the most secret weapon at the time. In addition to serving as a bomb site specialist he also worked as a Russian Translator. During World War II he served in the U.S., England, France and Russia. Following the war, he served as a munitions inspector for the Army in the U.S., Germany, Okinawa, and Korea. He retired to Anniston, AL later in life.

Next, here’s how the tapestry came together. My "studio" is where the tapestry magic happens, tucked away in the corner of our home office ... pretty much thread and needles and beads and more beads!

Happiness is being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of BEADS!
LARGE bead patterns are created in the BEADTOOL4 software.
The green lines help me keep count ... there are 125 beads across for this tapestry, and I pick up five beads at a time with my needle. This way I can inspect the beads to ensure they are perfect. Every once in a while a "rogue" misshapen bead sneaks into the mix, so I take care to cull them out as I go. Each individual ROW takes me about 10 minutes to complete.

I always love watching the faces emerge as I work my way up the tapestry!

Finishing off the warp threads is a pretty messy business ...

It all gets done somehow! The finished tapestry is 7” x 11".

There are 150 Rows x 125 Columns = 18,750 beads, not including the beads needed for the tabs at top and bottom.

Back-lighting makes all the difference ...

Thank you to Mr. Jon Vandagriff for providing the photograph and background on his brother!

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