Minimum wage By izac herrera

How low our minimum wage is compared to other countries

Other countries pay their employees almost double the amount we get paid. The highest minimum wage currently in the U.S is $10.50 in DC. The lowest is $5.15 in Georgia and Wyoming. That is more than three times less than other countries.We need to increase minimum wage as a whole instead of individual states.

Minimum wage isn't enough

Most workers who get paid minimum wage are adults that have families. They don't get paid enough to support their families even when they work long shifts and long weeks. Minimum wage isn't enough to survive or get a better job. Most full-time worker work all year at a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour will earn only $15,080 a year before taxes, which is below the federal poverty line of $16,317 for a single parent with one child.


Lawyers are a big part in minimum wage

They fight for their clients rights , and show the judges the effects that are happening because of how low minimum wage is. They could help further cases that will lead to the increase of minimum wage and show what rights are being violated.

Lawyers can help change this

They could prove that minimum wage is not high enough and bring it attention to higher judges. Also they could help worker get the right amount of money they deserve. They influence the jury and are great examples for other minimum wage cases.

One of them is Christopher Gray

How Is he helping?

Recently he won a case where the employer failed to pay the employees, which is required by the Florida Minimum Wage Act. They argued that the employer required the poker dealers to share their tips with non-tipped employees which is a violation of the Florida Minimum Wage Act.

He helped increase minimum wage

Florida minimum wage Increased on January 1, 2014 by 14 cents. The new minimum wage is $7.93 and for tipped employees it is $4.91. . The minimum wage in 2013 was $7.79 and for tipped employees 4.77. Even though it's a little bit more it's better than nothing, and every penny counts.


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