Pre-Ap Chemistry pH Project Marco Urbina 6th

Nail Polish Remover - Blue colored and strong alcoholic smell pH = 6 Acid

Hydrogen Peroxide - Clear, little to no odor pH = 5 Acid

Aqua Safe - Clear, bitter smell, dechlorinator pH = 10 Base

Clorox - Clear, foamy, strong bitter smell pH = 10 Base

Garnier Fructis Style Hairspray - Foamy, sweet smell, sticky touch after a couple of minutes pH = 6 Acid

Ultra Protector - Foamy/clear, strong odor, extremely flammable, pH = 6 Acid

Spectracide Hornet and Wasp Killer - Clear, neutral smell (lemon), pH = 7 Neutral

Pledge: Lemon Clean - Clear, lemon scented, slippery, pH = 9 Base

Coca-Cola - Black colored, gassy sugar taste, foamy drink that is carbonated pH = 4 Acid

Febreze: Air (Island Fresh) - Clear, foamy, odor repellant (sweet), pH = 7 Neutral

Tapatío - Red, goopy, hot sauce, minor sour smell pH = 5 Acid

Lime - Semi clear, super sour taste, little to no odor, pH = 4 Acid

Apple Juice (Concentrated) - yellow, sweet, apple taste, little to no smell pH = 6 Acid

Aero Foam: Soap (Luscious pear) - Clear, sweet pear odor, pH = 6 Acid

Lancôme: Double Action Eye Makeup Remover - Greasy, slippery, clear, sweet/dull odor pH = 7 Neutral


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