Project Diary Cicerones

So here we are 😋 A lovely group of friends but also a seventeen year-old hard workers scouts!
We have twins here, can you find them?
From your left to your right, you can see: Beatriz Rodrigues, the party soul; Mariana Costa, the heartbreaker; Beatriz Feliz (translated as happy), the happiest one; and Carolina Rodrigues, the football fanatic.
Mariana organizing the different groups with the respective students for the project "What about Geology?" (15-12-16)
Both Beatriz and Mariana cutting the letters for the project (19-12-16)
Planificationof the project "What about Geology?" (19-01-2017)
Mariana, Carolina and Beatriz Rodrigues, respectively, planing each chores
Carolina organizing the timetables (09-02-2017)

Beatriz Rodrigues inviting Geoparks to come to the event (13-02-17)

Carolina planning the introduction text (16-02-17)

Beatriz Rodrigues checking Geoparks' presence (20-03-17)

Mariana and Beatriz Feliz working together on the "What about geology? poster and the photos' video (23-02-17)

Assembling and sticking the letters in the auditorium (20-03-17)
Preparing and posting our tent letters (28-03-17)
Preparing the stage with Geoparks' publicity (28-03-17)

Checking on the speleology group (28-03-17)

Reciveing a class of 8 years' old children (29-03-17)
Presenting the project to the students (29-03-17)

Checking the Sismology group (29-03-17)

Reception in the day two (30-03-17)

Beatriz Rodrigues guiding children to the different groups (30-03-17)

3rd year students learing about paleontology (30-03-17)
Evening tours for the parents and adults. Petrology group (30-03-17)
Evening presentations, Speleology group. (30-03-17)

We presenting the tour to the adults group (30-03-17)

Five years old kids arriving at our school (31-03-17)
We presenting the project to the children (31-03-17)
Kids learning about paleontology (31-03-17)
Beatriz during the tour
Children leaving our school and talking about all they did
Our twins helping

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