Are you confident the next business step will propel your people? Trust. the Process.

ROUTINE to REMARKABLE! Listener, Customer Trust Expert ------------- Keynote Speaker, GENIE SNYDER, Ed.D.

Ever miss a step in your routine?

Genie doesn't dance around the topics. She inspires audiences to rethink the routine and build customer confidence and trust.

30-second steps. Repeat. In her fresh and seriously humorous keynotes, Genie simplifies the steps to help find rhythm in routine business processes.  By studying the steps and taking her lead, you and your partners can be in sync to create the remarkable.

Trust. The Process.

You can trust that you will leave your conference experience ready to serve and speak in ways you CAN imagine!

HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE processes without getting stuck in the process? Building trust while saving steps is what Genie speaks about across all industries. Although it sounds like a contradictory concept, she intuitively identifies seemingly complex challenges that her audiences are experiencing, and simplifies how to be confident in taking that next step. At moments of decision, you are freed up to pivot and trust through your next stage. HELPING HUMANS DO WHAT THEY DO, only BETTER. Genie Snyder speaks to lighten your step - literally.

30-second rethink. Connect with the audience.
30-second rethink. Move people to action.
30-second rethink. Routine to remarkable.

Trust IS the process.

From the stage, Genie connects using her own processes and experience to propel perspective. She has helped thousands of people to rethink their processes. In her remarks, her series of 30-second methods are the map. You choreograph your next move and leave with a spring in your step - rethinking your next stage for remarkable results!

Disclaimer: Snyder Remarks© keynotes revolve around humor and straightforward takeaways. You may leave without the thoughts you initially brought with you...

What's her story?

Genie speaks her story: "Mom, the salty one, advises when taking action, 'Use some elbow grease.' And Dad likes to say, 'TRUST the process.' Though my brother and I always rolled our eyes ... those two principles have come to define my business philosophy."

She builds trust. She takes action. That's why she is called the “go to gal” for serious change, but her sense of humor keeps people in their seats! Genie Snyder has a knack for connecting with audiences as soon as she walks through the door. It is her passion. She works intentionally to create an unexpected atmosphere and rapport with the crowd. Her singular goal is always to inspire minds to open and encourage understanding, with a rare balance of sincerity and business savvy.

She listens before she remarks. Before Genie speaks, she asks questions first - a lot of questions - to get your story and your audience's expectations. She is not afraid to ask hard questions that inspire people to rethink routine and come up with remarkable ideas. It's not just a stage she is going through.

From the backstage details to the big picture, it's about you. And she gets that! Genie has spoken for thousands of people with 95% invitations for repeat performances about customer service, business culture, communication and change. She also has rich experience as a consultant across North America and some cameos across the water. Her doctorate, combined with her practical business, educational leadership and management experience, makes her ideas relevant and actionable on all stages.

AND if you need some pros to assist with planning your conference—from concept to closing remarks— the team at GenieSnyder.com is happy to help you connect the dots. You express the desired outcome and expectations. Then the Snyder Remarks team designs a creative, one-of-a-kind experience for you! And to take your knowledge one step further, contact us about our Process to Proof Consulting which is a customized performance for you and your teams.


video cred to RussFeltman.com headshot by Hughes Fioretti Photography

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