FMP/week 8 what i need to get done and work ive done so far.

24th April

having two weeks of has given me time to reflect on things that i have done for the unreal engine and the research which is a good thing because I've realised mistakes and other things when editing the unreal engine today. we were also told that we will get an assessment of our work soon so that means I've got to work twice as fast just so we have something to show. my brother has worked on the new menu screen after we decided that mine should be used for concepts but i think that my brothers design is more better. what i am concerned about is getting it done because as I've said in the past that my laptop is no good at all and i cant use any of the software because of it being bad however i am getting a new one so hopefully i can use all the software and maybe more for getting the unreal completed on time.

26th april

through out the whole week i have tried to get the game to a good slandered and i think ive got the function that are needed down however i need to work on more. also i forgot to bring my memory stick containing the game so feed back i got back was not good due to no one seeing the game. if i were to review my game so far id say that it is all right, not perfect but it is very good so far.

27th april

today i made some more functions for the game because i thought it'd be a good idea. they did not work. looking back on it all i should of really focused my effort on level design due to the level not being particular great however id rather work on other things then making a ladder and ways to make teleportation for characters. also i want to reflect on how much i did in the week because i regret not bringing in my memory stick that one day because we missed out on important work and also information that could help us by our peers.

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