GLOBAL FARMERS CONNECT Providing Global Markets For Farmers


  • We are the Farmers Plug
  • We are the Farmers number one choice
  • We provide Free Farmers PDF's
  • We put our Farmers first then the Market
  • We are the fastest growing farmers community in Africa now operating in Zimbabwe,South Africa,Malawi,Tanzania,Mozambique,Zambia & Botswana
  • We take farming to a global market by a click of a button

Global Farmers Connect is an artificial intelligent tool used to provide farmers with a platform to reach and sell their agricultural products directly to end consumers . Farmers also have access to information about their daily requirements such as Farm Equipment's, Green house needs, Animal Farming, Fertilizers ,Feeds and Qualified Agronomists advice .

Global Farmers Connect is a Farmers to Consumer platform, which allows farmers to do direct marketing of their produces to consumer and retailers without middleman or intermediary. It enables retailers to buy directly from farmers and sell online within their area at affordable prices. In addition, consumers can buy from the nearest shop or directly from farmer with complete traceability of the products.

Global Farmers Connect is a revolutionary online farmers community app, which connects the local farmers along with their fresh and delicious crops with food lovers all around the globe. Global Farmers Connect is unique as it connects not just local markets but even cross boarder markets as well by means of directly connecting farmers with consumers. Our vision is to give the farmer their rightful ownership of their crops and produce without including unnecessary and expensive middlemen, while both farmer and Consumer benefit. Coming Soon Global Farmers Connect app which you can stay updated by following us on facebook,instagram or twitter @global farmers connect or by clicking the Follow Buttons below the Header above .

Benefits of Joining Global Farmers Connect

Platform is designed for Farmers and Consumer Direct Markets

No intermediaries involved. It is a direct transactions between you the Consumer and the Farmer

Buying and selling of commodities, equipment, & pesticide becomes easy without the intervention of brokers

Farming advice available on platform from qualified agronomist

All farming services at your exposal

Multiple payment options to suit your needs

Transaction protection with verified members

The app is helpful for the farmers and prevents their hard work to go in vain, due to lack of knowledge, forecast, and technology